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I have three crazy boys! Right now they are 7, 5 and 4. We started this adventure just as something fun to do in hopes that one day we could make some extra income to put back for their futures.

Let’s just say I have spent more than I have made, HA, BUT.. it’s been super fun and I have gained a great passion for it.

We attended out first toy Fair: Sweet Suite in NYC in July of 2018 and it made me fall even MORE in love with being a Content Creator.

We also attended one in September in NYC, the TTPM Holiday Showcase, and it was amazing! It was just my husband and I this time, I even had some exhibitors that actually remembered me! It was pretty darn amazing! We got to meet to amazing YouTuber’s.. like, Tubey Toys, Princess ToysReview and Melissa from Mommy’s World!

I’m hoping to attend MANY more if we get lucky enough!

I currently work from home for a resume company, which I LOVE, and it gives me the opportunity to make some money and stay at home with my boys AND to continue to create content! My Husband works hard and works long hours to provide for us, maybe one day he won’t have too and he can stay at home and create content with us!

It’s a HUGE and FAR fetched dream, but might as well dream big..right?!


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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Wow, you’re amazing to juggle 3 energetic kids and do extra work on the side. I have 2 kids and I’m always amazed and inspired by other moms who get so much done. Good luck as a Content Creator. Your boys are adorable!

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  2. dear ryan,I really want to be your friend.I went to the website ”wish come true” but I don”t know where or how to write my wish in it .Anyways,my wish is to meet ryan from ryan’s toys review .


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