Skittles Experiment!!

Hey Dreamers!

So this experiment was super cool! We had to do it like 6 times thought because LJ kept throwing more skittles into or stepped in it. LOL Silly boys! We used a fairly large bag and was able to do this several times! Zieke was actually amazed at it each time we did it! Next time I think we will try a different color theme, I think skittles has tropical with bright purple and teal colors!

Check out the experiment here

Skittle Experiment Thumbnail.jpg

So.. a little more about us!..

My husband works for a propane company (driver actually) and I work for a resume writing company ( from home! So blessed). Zieke goes to school half days M-T so.. we keep pretty busy!

Boys are 3 (almost 4), 2 1/2 and 7 months (almost 8). Boys run on my husbands side so we weren’t surprised when we had ALL boys:)



STEARMAN - WIN_20150905_153240.JPGIMG_1780.JPG

Boys will def be boys, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Sometimes our 5 mins videos seem to take 2 hours to film lol.. because boys will be boys (or maybe it’s just kids will be kids) but we enjoy every crazy min of it!

Keep on Dreaming..

Mommy B




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