People Toy Company Catch Me If You Can! Lion – Brain Builders

Hey Dreamers!

So this toy was super cute!

People Toy Company Catch Me If You Can! Lion – Brain Builders – Baby A LOVED this one! Super cute and works great on a smooth surface. Super portable too! Throw it in your diaper bag or purse.

We tried it on the carpet and it actually surprised me at how well it did. String doesn’t whip back in to fast, which is good, so it doesn’t hurt the child. Would totally give this toy an A+! This little lion has loops on the mane so you could attach smaller toys to it I suppose. Cute little tail and just all around super colorful and playful, Baby A was drawn to it right away.

8 Month: Pull the string. Chase the lion. Repeat. Your baby will have hours of fun as they crawl and chase the Catch Me If You Can! Lion. This self-sustaining game encourages mobility improvement through hours of fun, interactive play.

18 Month: Your baby will learn how to pull the drawstring on their own for independent play.

Lion will “run” many feet on smooth surfaces
Enriches important mobility and motor skills
Helps your baby learn to play independently

Order this today! Your baby will love it!

Order it here:

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A little more about us:

Baby A is super happy baby. He is actually my happiest, which is good, it would be hard to have a hard baby with having two others!


He loves his brothers, they make him laugh even when he is super upset and they are my go to when I cant console him 🙂

Til next time!

Dream on Dreamers!

Mommy B

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