People Toy Company Sammy Squid And Like It Pacifier – Brain Builders

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Even though teethers may seem boring to most, these were super cute and I just loved reviewing them, I think Baby A did as well! They were both made super well, thick but soft plastic for chewing. They are larger teethers, which is needed for small babies. I do no understand why they make small teethers! Babies can choke! So these are just perfect, size is great and they are perfect for those little hands.


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People Toy Company Sammy Squid And Like It Pacifier – Brain Builders. These were so much fun! I personally liked the Like It pacifier, but I think baby A liked Sammy Squid! (Which is what matters lol)

Sammy Squid

Sammy Squid playfully squeaks to your little one as the soft texture and various chew-able parts soothes their sore gums. This friend-like toy will soon become your baby’s newest and most loved companion as its unique design provides visual, auditory and oral stimulation.

*No added colors for added safety
*Unique shape holds your baby’s attention for hours
*Helps develop multiple senses

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Like It Pacifier

3 Month: Babies are naturally attracted to hands and other items similar in shape. Unfortunately, most baby’s hands tend to get dirty quickly and therefore become unsanitary. The Like-It Pacifier is a safe and sanitary alternative to this behavior. It’s also crucial for developing oral motor skills as they learn to chew on the Like-It Pacifier’s many ridges.
5 Month: Your baby will be able to soothe their sore gums as they find their favorite area to teethe on.

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We have moved more than 7 times since my husband and I have been married (almost 6 years) and the boys seem to have trouble adjusting every time, we have one more move until we will be in our “Fovrever Home”! We are working on paying off debt and I am super excited to finally be able to settle down for good! God has been good though and we have always been provided for!

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