Milk + Soap + Food Coloring = Magic – Kids Experiment

Hello Dreamers!

Milk + Soap + Food Coloring = Magic – Kids Experiment. Milk Food Coloring And Dish Soap Experiment! This experiment was super easy, we had everything on hand! Poor LJ wanted in on the fun, but all he wanted to do was squeeze out all of the coloring!

All you need is:

  1. Milk
  2. Food Coloring
  3. Dish Soap (any brand)
  4. Q-tips (You can even just add a drop with a spoon, but I found these easier for smaller hands :))

We found this on several blogs/YouTube channels. I think Ryan ToysReview even did this one. We LOVE experiments and we plan on doing a lot more in the future.

Watch this awesome experiment here!

If you missed our skittles experiment, you can watch it here

This is a bit messy because of the food coloring, so I would say this experiment would be more for 3+. During the first shoot, zieke poured in all of the soap first lol.. it was comical.


A little more about us:

Not sure if you have noticed, but Zieke has a love for Thomas The Train, he happens to show up in most of our videos.

LJ doesn’t really have an interest to much, he does love the Gummibar though! That/s why we added him in our banners on our social media platforms.

Baby A isn’t really into anything yet. (well except all of the recent toys from People Toy Co! lol)

Thanks Dreamers for all of your support!

Mommy B



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