🦇MCDONALD’S HAPPY MEAL TOY SURPRISE 2016 Justice League Action Kids Toys

Good (really early) Morning Dreamers!

Zieke woke up from a dream screaming and ended up waking up Baby A..at 5:00AM!! Ugh.. Well I guess the one on one is nice haha.. I guess now is my time to double the intake of coffee, especially since we have several videos to film today!

Watch the video here

MCDONALD’S HAPPY MEAL TOY SURPRISE of Batman from the Justice League Action toy for boys 2016 edition! Great Kids Video for Children who love getting surprise toys from McDonald! I must say, this batman was too cool! Some of the last toys we have gotten haven’t been that great, but this little weapon throwing Batman is pretty sweet and totally worth the $1.50 we paid for!


The boys thought he was pretty cool too! I was thinking about doing a short video on this cool little toy and then seen that Ryan ToysReview just posted one and thought it was the perfect timing to post ours!

He is a little top heavy but most kids wont be just setting him down, he will prob more likely be played with lol But his flinging action is just too cool, especially how he grabs the weapon! We are hoping to get the whole set! We shall see!

A little more about us:

So, with my last two, for some reason neither of them were big on sleeping, but big on getting up early.. like 4 or 5 am! So when Baby A came, it was a whole other world! He usually sleeps in til 6 or 7 (of course as I type this he was up at 5 haha). So, I feel totally blessed to have an easy baby.. sleeping in til 7 with an 8 month old is amazing! haha

Well cheers Dreamers! I’m grabbing another cup of coffee while I can!

Mommy B


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