PLAY DOH THOMAS & FRIENDS GUESSING GAME! Guess The Engine Surprise Thomas The Engine Learning Game

Good Morning Dreamers!

Well, I must say, I am so excited! All of a sudden our views have doubled and I hope it keeps doubling! Even if it does, it was a pretty good feeling! We at one point had 68 views at once! Maybe you tube was promoting us? I sure hope so lol I know that doesnt seem like a lot lol, but for a VERY small channel like us it is! We have been averaging about 190-240 views over a 48 hour period, after yesterday its been 400-440! YAY!

Amyways, excited mom moment over lol..

Play doh Thomas & Friends Guess Who! Guess the Engine Thomas the Train that is covered in play doh in egg shapes. Learning game for kids while playing the Thomas and Friends the Tank Engine.  Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and COMMENT! =) THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is THOMAS MINI EDITION!!!! Can you guess Thomas the train and his friends covered in play doh before it’s uncovered? How many Thomas & Friends trains can you guess right? Guess the Engine game with the Dream Team!

Ryan ToysReview did this so we had to try since we LOVE Thomas so much here at the Stearman household! I actually thought that Ryan did it with Trackmasters, so I thought we would do minis, but came to find out it was minis and not the trackmasters!


We were going to make our own play-doh, but thought we would keep that for another video!

Watch this fun video here!

See you all tomorrow! We are going to a pumpkin patch today, and yes, that video to come soon!

Keep on Dreamin’!

Mommy B


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