Gold Dig It! Did We Find Gold? Fun Creative Toy For Kids!

Hey Dreamers!

Well, this Mommy was up at 4am due to a teething baby.. oh gee.. what I would do for a nice warm bed and peace and quiet for about 2 hours lol.. anyways..

This thing was super cool! I didnt even know that it came with tools to “dig it”. We found this awesome thing at walmart for $5.00. So worth it! Zieke loved it, I think more than LJ, but then poor LJ doesnt get a chance to like anything because of Zieke.. that sharing thing is a work in progress haha

Watch us smash this open here!


Grin Studios makes this! Check them out here and see what other items they have to offer!

This was messy but easy to clean up! I totally want to get more, maybe even the diamond one next time!

Thanks Dreamers!

Mommy B


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