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Hello Dreamers!

We have been so lucky to review all these awesome products from People Toy Company. Today we did the Mochi Teething ring! This ring, I must say was pretty awesome. Different textures as well as janpanese made! (51% rice to be exact). Very strudy and perfect for that hard chewing. As babies teeth, I feel they need something more harder to naw on and this is perfect. This teether has held up pretty well too.

Make teething your newborn’s favorite activity with the Mochi Teething Ring. Easy to grasp and safe to chew, the Mochi Teething Ring is the ideal teething toy for fussy babies and environmentally conscious parent alike.


Mochi Teeething Ring:

Perfect For Teething Infants
Different bumps and ridges satisfy any newborns’ teething needs
100% safe – no harmful adhesives or paints used
Easy-to-hold ring stimulates and promotes hand dexterity
Made in Japan

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Purchase this teether:

People Mochi Teething Ring

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So, I must say, I think Baby A is totally a People Toy fan haha Even my other two boys ask to play with people toys we have received haha.

Let me know how you like the review and if any of you have purchased and People products.

Keep on Dreaming!

Mommy B

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