💎Rock Tumbler | Edu Science | Part 1| The Dream Team Review

Hey Dreamers! This Do & Discover by Edu Science rock tumbler for kids promises to polish raw semi-precious crystals into shiny precious stones that can be kept in this manner or be made into jewelry. Here is Part 1! Hope you enjoy!

Watch it here!

We found this, brand new & unopened at a Goodwill! For.. Drumroll…. $3.99! I was SUPER excited. I have been wanting on of these for a long time now! Awesome brand too! Look around at your local Goodwill for one or you can by a similar one here:

Edu-Toys Rock Tumbler

We just finished up step one, and so far so good! Totally did what it said it would do.. but you will have to watch part 2 in a week or so to have a look!

Can’t wait ti make some jewelry and key chains! It even comes with an extra kit!

Thank you Dreamers!

Mommy B

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