Site seeing in NYC! Staten Ferry, Ice Cream on Wall Street and more!

We woke up.. extremely sore and tired the next day, so we stayed in until 1pm before we ventured out!

We started out catching a bus, which went smooth at first, until we missed it, then had to purchase another set of tickets, then we got on the bus waiting for the driver to scan our mobile tickets, only for him to look at us like we were crazy.. what did we do wrong? lol


The boys did like the bus ride though! LJ is taking it all in!


LOOK! NYC on the other side!

Ok, so after the bus, we ventured to the ..subway.. in which we took the subway in the wrong direction! (This is were I was slapping myself in the face Ha!)


Anyways.. it’s all good! We just ended up being near Staten Island so we took a Ferry! We had planned to take the Ferry at some point so it all worked out! We got some lunch ( more like dinner since it was around 4 when we actually got some food!) at Steve’s Pizza! Tiffany (my awesome sister that was a trooper and came with us!) stopped at a Paleo joint in NYC, which was totally awesome.. well.. because she IS Paleo and didn’t get eat much on this trip so far so this was great!

So, we walked a lot, and had to call an Uber a few times ha, but we did what we could! It was super fun and super stressful at the same time.

The Ferry was fun, I got some fun shots during it too! We saw the Statue of Liberty.. not as close as I had hoped, but hey the Ferry was free! So we will take it.. Ha! We took the Ferry to the Island and then back. Boys loved seeing all the boats and it felt safe too, the sides were really high, so made this mom feel safe! Ah.. and the fish. They had these huge tanks in the waiting area for the Ferry, and LJ was very taken with them. So much that him and Zieke took out their tablets and had a photo session!

Ah and the ice cream.. We had Milk Cereal ice cream on Wall Street! (The boys didn’t like, of course! So there went $20 bucks in the trash, no, like literally! We threw it all away!) I had a few bites, it definitely tasted like milk cereal, which was really strange but fun!

We also found a fun little park. They were able to fun around for a bit before heading back. We ended up, when all said and done, calling an Uber, we were going to walk to the bus station, but we ended up walking the wrong way, and by the time we found that out, the correct path would have taken us over 35 mins, PLUS we had to ride the bus back to our apartment still.. and it was after 9pm so yes.. an Uber it was! ( Uber’s are awesome BTW! We took a total of 4 when we were here)

All in all, it was a great experience, but I think next time (if there is one), we will stay in NYC and not in NJ as it was WAYYY to much walking, taking buses, Uber expenses and so on.

So, we are headed out soon. We might hit up a park before heading back home, but not sure yet. This trip has definitely gotten the best of me!

Country girl out!

Mommy B



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