Sweet Suite Follow ups and Grandpa Joe’s Candy Buffet for $1!

It’s done! I was so afraid I wouldn’t follow up with this but I did! I have tons of contacts from the Sweet Suite and I followed up with everyone! YAY!


Look at all of these flyers!!


..and of of these BUSINESS CARDS! EEK! I handed out over 50 business cards! So strange to have business cards for YouTube channels, but my friend over at Tubey Toys said to get some made (which I got for free on Vista Print!) and I did!

I am already getting an overwhelming amount of responses, (just a few really, but still overwhelming as I don’t get many as it is) even a few that reached out before I did! I already have a few companies sending out products to review. So I am SUPER excited.

We also have our SWEET SUITE SWAG BOX that is supposed to be arriving TODAY! EEK! It’s 17 POUNDS! Now THAT will be a video to film! May not have all three boys open it though, it would end up like a pack of wolfs fighting for food!

It took about 30 mins to reach out to everyone, which wasnt bad at all. I was really stressing over nothing ha, but I am one that likes to get things done by a certain time.

During this time, I told the boys if they were good we would go to Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. They had they $5 candy buffet boxes for only $1 today!


My nephew went with us, so the trip was even more special! It took about 30 mins to drive there, but it was still worth it! Even Mommy B took a break from her diet to grab a box!

Alright, got to go. We still haven’t been back to our house yet due to unfornuate event, but hopefully later today we will! Which means.. more work.. but hey, at least we will be home! Ha!

– Sugar overloaded Mommy B


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