Way to many toys! Wait….did I actually say that?

Yes, I just said that..way to many toys, with more to come!

I find it so hard to film with 3 small boys, even though I SO love it and so do they. I am way behind in filming and need to get my schedule back in place.

I am totally embarrassed to show this, but this is real life.. and it’s messy. Looks kinda like a junk draw but more of a throw all place!


I keep saying I’m going to get it together, but with a very small space it’s so hard! Look at all of those boxes full of toys to review. Ugh and my broken iPad I tried to fix, but just made worse to were it won’t even power on now!


Ah.. and my train table. I have SO much stuff for my Thomas channel but no were to put it, so there is all is ha! I have a huge storage cubby shelf thing my sister gave me from Ikea that I will be using… well once we buy a house! I can’t fit anything else into our room right now!


So many other things I need to sort through! I have games that  were sent to us several months ago that we still haven’t played!

I did have a filming schedule each week before we left for NYC, (this worked out great btw), but gee, it takes all day just to film a few videos! I was filming every Wednesday in-between working from home. My Niece would watch Baby A, which was awesome, and then I would film for our main channel with Zieke and LJ.

Every so often my Niece would watch all three or my Mom would watch the older two so I could film for my Thomas channel. I think one day I did 7 videos in one day! It was insane, but I was trying to get all caught up before our big trip.


Oh gee, this angle is even worse.. now I definitely do not want to post this! HA!

This is why we need an extra room or a basement when we move. I dream of having a studio/filming room!

I have at least 5 companies sending me items to review, one of which I have to post by August 5th, plus a few I already have received, plus the ones from Sweet Suite, PLUS all the other ones I have had for awhile! I am more stressed now after actually typing it all out! So, I guess I need to get busy!

– A very procrastinating Mommy B


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