Family Visits and the Preble County Fair!

We had a super fun weekend.

I can tell when we over do things though, because the boys get super fussy. Despite all of that though, we did have a great time!

My husbands dad came up from Kentucky to visit and have a cookout. It was nice to see him, the boys have missed him too!


My Hubby is in the blue shirt, Zieke is in his lap. Next to him is my nephew with LJ in his lap. My Father-In-Law in sitting down with Baby A in his lap. Behind him is my Brother-In-Law and right next to Baby A is my other Nephew. The two kids beside my Nephew are my Nephews as well and then my other Brother-In-Law beside them! Sshheeww.. Lots of boys in the family! lol


My Niece snuck in for this picture!




Oh gee Baby A and his love for toy guns… (Covers face and shakes head)..


Some of played basketball.. others sat and drank pop! lol…me included! Ha!IMG_4435

My Nephew likes to tease my Hubby lol!


The kids were all playing this with farting Minions toy! Bahaha.. Boys!


My Hubby is pretty good at Basketball.. but he was an All Star at Soccer in his high school years 🙂


And then the next day we wen to the fair! We had went to church that morning so I just kept their church clothes on! Probably wasnt the best idea lol


Baby A was taken with all the animals.. they actually all were 🙂


Baby is quite taken with my Niece, she watches him a few times a week so we can film for YouTube. I’d say he acted way better than normal because she was with us.


There were SO MANY HORSES!


Ah.. and this .. poop… the boys’ favorite word… so yes.. we took a picture lol


Ah my lil man!


Baby A didn’t know quite what to think!


This was cool! A place to bathe the horses! I do not know anything about horses.. so maybe this isn’t anything special lol but I thought it was cool.


They were doing all kinds of showings at this fair!


Miniature horses! Just their size!


This reminded me of the Racing Stripes movie! The boys said Skye needed one like this! Ha.


Isn’t this super cute!


They had all kinds of chickens! Some I have never heard of or seen before!


My nephew is so sweet. He’s so good with the boys.



This one was sleeping and it had an egg laying right next to her!


Ah! Look at this one!! SCARY lol


Aww this booth was cool. They had someone telling the kids about salvation.


They gave out free balloons..


AND did free face painting!


Ok.. so the rides… so looked quite scary!..


and others.. not so much! ha!


Aww my Niece is so good with them too. even when the boys are not so good! (we are working on that with the boys…#momlife)

See.. nice and slow 😉


I think they were looking at another ride here.. looks like it was high in the sky according to their faces!


So all rides required tickets, except this one, for some reason they didn’t take them? Which was WONDERFUL because tickets were $18 for 20 and most rides were 3-4 each per person. That’s outrageous to me, BUT the boys got in for free so I guess it’s a win win!

I think he liked it! I’m so glad my Niece went down with him. Anymore, I get a super sick feeling just from swinging.. I know.. I know.. I’m getting old!


My nephew was to tall for this, so he coached the my older two boys through it 😉


See, they are looking down for guidance lol


The games were fun, but also super expensive! Gee when did fair cost and arm and a leg to go! ha! They all ended up winning something though! That was so good, because there would have been meltdowns!


My Nephew did a game by himself. He such a sweet little guy!



IMG_4529 that horse cart racing?? What is this called??


Then there was food.. and some melt downs! Ugh.. my boys are the worse. They fuss so much! Maybe it’s because they are so close in age?


Aaron wasn’t too happy here.. he wanted a cheeseburger too!


LJ smiled right after this! Ha, I think he was focused on something here.


We ended the trip (and the end of our cash) with these awesome snow cones!


You put on your own flavors! Zieke got watermelon on accident so we had to scrap it off and put on cherry.. then LJ cried because he wanted to do the same. (He does everything Zieke does, almost everything lol)


Ah.. peace.. for a few brief moments! We took my Niece and Nephew to church and then drove back home. They boys rested for just a little bit, enough to become wild once we got back home! Ha!

Anyways, we had a super fun weekend with family then the fair. Today we are taking it easy as we have another busy week/weekend ahead of us!

– A resting Mommy B

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