Magcube Buckyballs by Proloso! A 3D Magnetic Puzzle!


BIG thank you to Proloso for sending us these! We received these before our trip to Sweet Suite and just didn’t get to review these before hand.

This is a pretty awesome toy, more like a science learning toy! This would be great for the classroom or Homeschooling. Zieke even mentioned taking this to school.. haha.. (which of course I said no, he would more than likely get in trouble unless this was actually for school, which it should be!)

We talked about magnets and how some ends click together and others don’t. They have fun creating!

This is what the container looks like:


I thought for sure it was going to be silver, but we got the multicolored ones!

I have seen several videos on YouTube for these, so actually getting these was pretty awesome!


See LJ’s little person he created? It’s so cute! lol


They actually all come off separately. They are super small, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend these for small kids. The ages are actually 14+ on the container. I guess some kids might put these up their noses or even in their ears, even though I think even 7 or 8+ would have been more accurate.


Mag beads 2

They have several color choices to choose from! You can check out the links here:

1.PROLOSO homepage:
2.PROLOSO Amazon store:

Boys have probably played with these at least 5 times since we reviewed them! So, YES, I think the boys would say they liked them lol 😉

You can check out our review here:

Needless to say, if we DO decide to homeschool, we will totally be using these!

– A Magnetic Mommy B

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