The Untamed T-Rex from Wowwee! The all new Fingerlings pet!

Dinosaurs.. Boys love them right??

If they don’t, they will after seeing this!! Wowwee toys, creator of Fingerlings, has started a new line! The “Untamed” line! They have raptors, and now.. a T-REX!!

Just LOOK at the package they sent us:


Can you see what is in there..??


Ok, so this is better, but there is a glare..


Ahh this one! Isn’t he cool! LOOK at how bright his colors are and look at the extras! GREAT marketing here! They sent us this fun necklace, and Amber candy with bugs! (eww lol), and (you cant see from the picture here) they had some dinosaur looking teeth in a bag!


As you can tell, the boys were super excited to open it, trying to get pictures were super hard! lol


Zieke was quite taken with him. This T-Rex is call Ripsaw, there is another one that is blue that is called Ironsaw. Such fun names!

UPDATE – Actually there are 4! The other two are Tracker and Scratch! Check them out HERE!

Ripsaw makes over 40 sounds! He has a sensor on the top and towards the back on the head. You can pet, tap and blow on his face to see what different sounds he will make. We can also lay him down and he snores, so cute!

So, will your T-Rex be a friend… or foe???

Check out our video to see what ours was:


– A Dino Mommy B 😉

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