SmART Sketcher by Flycatcher! Kids light projector!

Art! Kids just LOVE art!

Painting, coloring, drawing…anything and everything under that category. This SmART Sketcher takes art to a whole new level.

It comes with a sim card that has preloaded pictures on it that you can sketch. It even has words you can write out. The button features are awesome. They have a home button, a back and next button and even buttons for the next or previous steps. So kids can learn step by step how to draw, which is really neat! You can pug it in with the cord it comes with or you can use 4 “D” batteries. We never seem to have batteries so the cord feature was awesome!

It has rubber feet under the sketcher so it holds onto a table really nice and on to a sheet of paper as well. Kids can sketch with pencils, crayons or even markers.

I can’t wait to use this more. Especially to help encourage my boys to write out letters.


We took a picture of Skye and this is the outcome! Mommy B sketched this one 😉

For more about the SmART Sketcher you can check them out HERE.

This retails for right around $60 and you can go here to find a retailer near you.

You can check out our full video review here:

We are also doing a giveaway! From now until August 18th you can enter for a chance to win! It’s simple, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook.. or visit our blog.. which you are already on!! See.. one entry right off the bat! Ha!

Go HERE to check it out and for all the rules!

Winner will be announced via Facebook/Instagram/Blog on August 19th!

You can order this awesome sketcher on Amazon here.

–  A Sketchy.. Mommy B – HA!

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