New Fingerlings’ HUGS! Super soft Interactive Plush Monkeys!

I am sure most people with kids have heard of Fingerlings. They are an interactive toy that cling to your finger! They are super cute! There are Monkeys, Unicorns, Dinosaurs and more!

Well now.. they have plush ones.. and now …. BIGGER plush ones! We were lucky enough to receive Boris! He is SUPER cute and blue and makes over 40 sounds!


Fingerlings really out did themselves with the packaging again! (We received a T-Rex Untamed Fingerling and the packaging was unreal! – Check that out here).

It came with confetti, jelly beans, banana candy and some fun pencils! It was definitely a party in a box!

Look at how colorful he is.. AND his eyes open and close just like the small ones. So far we have heard Boris, sing, fart, snore and giggle! He really is too cute! They also have the pink one, Bella! They have velcro on their hands so they can really give you a “hug”!

Check out more about them here.

You can also check out our full fun review:


These are avail at most retailers and are priced around $20-$30.

– A hugging Mommy B

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