Roblox themed birthday party! Roblox, cake, cookies, toys and more!

My baby turned 6! Eek! I feel so old.. He wanted a Roblox theme.. so Roblox it was!

I found some awesome Roblox printables on Etsy on the cheap and balloons as well, oh and also ordered him a T-shirt for $6! Score! Ha!

My Sister has her own business and made the cake and cookies, which were amazing! Zieke took some of those cookies to school for his classmates and they were a hit! If they don’t know him, they sure do now!

Check out my Sisters business, she does some awesome work: Scratch Handcrafted Patisseries. She does Paleo and Gluten free items as well, just about anything really!

Zieke got tons of Roblox toys, per his request of course! We also held a little contest to see who could build the craziest roblox character.. of course.. they all had to win! lol

It was just a small family party, but we all had a lot of fun! Zieke thought the Roblox photo booth was pretty sweet 😉 I found the “6” balloon at the dollar tree.. I love the Dollar Tree..

These Roblox toys from Jazeware are so cool! Zieke asked for a few of the vehicles so we got him a few sets. All three boys have been playing with them all weekend.

We gave out a few Roblox blind boxes to the winners of the Roblox building contest 😉 So they now have a ton! My mom found a storage container made just for these roblox toys on Amazon, Zieke totally needed it!

All in all, party was great! They look forward to these little parties each year 😉


– Peace out – Mommy B

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