Meteor Monsters by Mad Mattr! Moldable sand with collectible monsters!

We LOVE Mad Mattr.. and now they have launched a blind box type of series!

They are called Meteor Monsters. They consist of a little (super super cute) bag of Mad Mattr and a stretchy monster. They both are in blind bags so that makes it even more fun! A mystery color and a mystery monster!

Once you have the mad mattr and monster out of the bags, you then place half of the mad mattr in the bottom of the small rock container and smash it around to thin it out. Fold the monsters legs inward so hes all tucked in, then place the monster in the container with the smashed out Mad Mattr, then use the remaining Mad Mattr to cover the monster. Smash it all down then flip the container over onto a table or flat surface.. lift off the rock container and the monster will start popping out!  It’s so cool!


Each monster has a name and an attitude to match. Look at the bag that the monsters come in! It’s soo cute!

These are so fun. Mad Mattr is definitely a favorite around our house and these make it even more of a favorite now. Love the rock containers!

They would make GREAT stocking stuffers! Amazon has them for around $11, I seen a few on Ebay, but for an out outrageous price, hopefully these will be hitting the shelves at other retailers here soon. I will update this page when they do!

We had so much fun with our video review!

BIG thank you to Relevant Play for sending us these! Check out more about them on their web page!

– A SANDisfied Mommy B



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