Pokemon Toys! Figurines and an interactive plush Pikachu!

Pokemon! This has been around for what seems like forever! My boys are just now getting to the age of being “into” something.. and they just love these toys!

Wicked Cool Toys sent us a HUGE box of some Pokemon toys, even the new plush Pikachu! He is so so cute! I love the voice of Pikachu! Pika Pika!

Have you heard about the new Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie coming out? There are mixed feelings about this movie, but I am super excited for it!

I bet these toys are going to be even hotter now! (Wicked Cool Toys will be launching all new toys for the the new movie in April 2019!!)


LOVE the poke ball with the soft Pokemon inside! You throw it and Litton comes flying out! You can become a real Pokemon Master!! There are others to collect as well.

There are the typical figurine ones and even ones that are articulated! There is an Ash figurine that comes with Pikachu and you place Pikachu on Ash’s arm and then you can fling him off! It’s so cool!


LJ loved opening all of these and finding out what Pokemon is all about.


We have a very nice collection started! Love these toys!

Price ranges for each but can be found at most retailers like Walmart & Amazon.

Check out our video review above! We always have fun with our videos 😉  We may just have to do one like the real movie.. Detective Pikachu 😉

– Pokemon Master, Mommy B


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