Robo Wunderkind! A Coding & Robotic’s set for kids!

STEM Toys! These are becoming more and more popular and I for one, am super excited to see more and more of them! As a child plays with STEM sets, they are playing as well as learning. My boys love to learn, they are like little sponges, soaking up everything that they can… Good.. or bad..! Ha!

When asked to review this, I was beyond excited!


We were sent the Education Robotics Set.


Ready for some more? Education Kit is the perfect addition to any kids – or classroom. With the added distance sensor, the builds become more functional and versatile, allowing the young explorers to easily grasp complex coding concepts like triggers, routines and conditionals. Build with your hands, apply your imagination to create Robo’s next task and use your brain muscle to make it work. Robo Wunderkind is the perfect combo of STEAM and fun, created by educators, engineers and designers for the endless hours of engaging play.

There are projects that you can create that are listed in the apps guide or you can create something on your own! Oh course my son wanted to wing it and figure it all out on his own! He created a robot and named it LJ, after his brother! Ha! It was really sweet.

Each piece has its own function and the start up booklet explains what each piece does. There is so much to this! As the child gets to use this more and more the more they will experiment more and more with the pieces.

Robo Code_3

There are two apps that you can use with the Robo Wunderkind sets. This one is the Robo Code app. You can find and download these apps from Google Play or the App Store.

This app let’s you code your creation. You can code really simple things or advance! Like I said, as your child gets familiar with it, the more they will learn and experiment! We started out really simple!

You can do all kinds of things here, sounds, movement, speed.. so much! We are STILL learning new things!

The Robo Code app opens the world of programming for kids. With its child-friendly design and intuitive coding process, this app guides children in learning 21st-century skills in a fun and easy way. Together with Robo Wunderkind robotics kits, it makes coding and robotics child’s play. Designed for iOS, Android, and Windows. Requires a device with Bluetooth 4.0.

Robo Live_2

Ok, so this is the Robo Live app. SO SO cool! I would recommend starting out with this before the Robo Code app. This is super simple to use and your child can get familiar with all of the controls and how everything works.

You can reposition the controls, add or remove controls, add sounds, record, name and more!

The Robo Live App allows you to set up a remote control interface to control your robot in real time. Play with your robotic friends by using drag and drop functions on the app’s dashboard, and control your robots’ actions, such as driving, turning, making sounds, blinking, and other. Designed for iOS, Android, and Windows. Requires a device with Bluetooth 4.0.

They have new building blocks coming out soon! Like a camera and an IR Blaster and Receiver! They also offer a start kit and an upgrade kit.

Check out more about Robo Wunderkind on their website.

The Education Robotics set retails for $249… I know this may sound like a hefty price, but it is worth every penny! I am very honest when it comes to price when I review products. This set is true to the labeling of “Robotics”. I can honestly say I haven’t seen a set quite like this. It’s so advanced, yet something kids can use, play and learn with!

This is what is included in this set:

8 Blocks:

  • Main Block
  • Distance Sensor
  • 2x DC Motors
  • Servo Motor
  • RGB Light
  • Button
  • Connector Block

Other parts:

  • 3x Wheels
  • 6x Connectors
  • Wired Connector
  • 4x Lego™ adapters
  • Charging cable

The set even has a tool that you use to take off the connectors, which is soooo cool! It’s so easy and simple!.

It also had LEGO adapters so kids can build something with LEGOs on these adapters and then can connect it to their creation! I mean.. come cool is that?? It’s really like it never ends.. there is so much to this and I know I am probably going to miss mentioning something!

You can purchase these sets directly from their website or the Robotics & Starter sets can be found on Amazon as well.

Recommended age is 6+ which is spot on in my opinion. My oldest son just turned 6 and he had no problem playing and understanding this set.

– A Robotics loving, Mommy B


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