Lil Fairy Land Cuties, 7 layers of surprises!

Surprises! I love all the surprise toys that are out there. This one though, is a bit different… FAIRIES!

YES! Finally some fairy toys! These are brand new and are made by Blue Whale Toys. I love the colorful foil wrapping, oh and the blind bags are SUPER easy to open.. they literally tear open! No more scissors.. or teeth/mouth opening like my boys do.. Ha!


We were SOO lucky to receive two of these. Aren’t they so appealing? I couldn’t wait to open them up!

Fairyland Cuties Surprise Dolls Adorable dolls packaged in multiple layers of shiny foil. Peel each layer of foil to reveal a new accessory! Use the accessories to decorate your doll. 6 surprises inside. 14 dolls to collect, each about 3” tall, 12 reugular and 2 rare dolls. Hidden accessories include gemstone stickers, hair accessory, wand, and collector’s sheet with sticker.

I was surprised at how big the fairies were! I was expecting them to be a lot smaller, but LOVE the size they are. The fairies themselves come in a plastic egg looking container, so cute!

Check out more about these sweet fairies on their web site.


There are so colorful! I love the little sticky jewels they come with. You can decorate the egg that they come in or even decorate the fairy!

There are over 12 to collect and you can purchase these on Amazon.

They have these in a 2 pack on Amazon for $10 which is a GREAT price, they also have a 4 Pack on Amazon for $20 ! Perfect for stocking stuffers or a kids gift exchange! I really am super shocked at the price, for $5 each.. this is a steal!

Better hurry and order some now for the stockings before they sell out! These are going to be HOT, especially at that price!

Check out our cute video review! Boxy Girl Brooklyn and Hairdorables Rayne Showers helped us out 😉


– A fairy loving, Mommy B



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