Little Bits Electronic Music Inventor Kit, STEAM Set for kids!

The set isn’t just one set! It’s one that can be made into different things! Create this guitar, then move onto something more! Add more bits or add another kit! Invent a whole new something!


Creative kids build and customize a rockin’ synth guitar using littleBits electronic building blocks, then transform it into new electronic instruments of their own!

Learn while you play.
Kids are born playing, and we want to help them extend that to a lifetime of hands-on exploration, curiosity, and imagination. littleBits puts invention at the heart of learning through play. We want kids to walk away from playtime having discovered something they didn’t know before.

Play while you learn.
Rather than memorizing worksheets and science formulas, we need to make learning more fun, engaging, and relevant to today’s kids. The world is changing dramatically around us, but the way we teach our kids is generally the same. littleBits helps kids learn by doing, by trial and error, and not just by textbooks.


Look at all of the “bits”! The guitar frame pieces aren’t shown, but are made of some sturdy stuff! Once built, this guitar really holds up well! I was super surprised!

No glue or mess! The pieces fold, bend and the tabs stay right in place. The “bits” are also magnetic, so they just click in together! Soooo sooo cool! I am so in love with these!

They have smaller sets too, like a night light and a bubble blower, they can also be made into something else, 2 inventions in one kit! I’m going to get my boys those sets for Christmas since they are a bit younger.

123 Little Bits

I LOVE how you can create one thing, then create something else, THEN add even more “bits” or kits to create your own invention! It gets even cooler.. You can submit your invention on the Little Bit’s Invent App! HOW COOL IS THAT!!! I would have literally FREAKED out for these if they were around when I was a kid!


Drum 1

For more info about Little Bits and ALL of the kits they have to offer visit their site.

You can also find this and other sets on Amazon. This set normally retails for $100, but it is on SALE FOR $70! Better grab it now! Sale ends soon! Their other sets are on sale as well like the Avengers kit, retails for $150 on sale for $100!

This would be perfect for any kid really! Keeping in the mind the 8+. I just love STEM (STEAM) kits!

– A little Bits, bit by bit, Mommy B


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