Ancestral Teepee – Premium Playhouse Kit by Sharing Land! Let the imagination time begin!

This is truly a box full of imagination with this set! This Ancestral Teepee set by Sharing Land is sure to a favorite! Super easy to assemble and made to withstand some rough play!

It seriously was super simple to put up and to take down. It’s so bright and colorful and really has the Ancestral look! Love the foam tomahawks and the slip over costumes.

We have some Native American heritage, so this was even more exciting to play with!


Look at how huge this box is!


Aaron LOVED it! He is so imaginative! He kept trying to put out the fire with the tomahawk! Ha… boys!


Even Thomas The Train and Pogo the blue Oddbod joined in on the fun! Ha!

Set includes:

1 x Grand Palace Premium Playhouse (44′)
3 x Spirit Animals
1 x Totem
1 x Character Totem
2 x Tribe Vests
2 x Tomahawks
2 x Headress
1 x Fireplace
1 x Bull head
1 x Dreamcatcher

Ancestral Teepee – Premium Playhouse Kit

Children’s Playhouse, ideal for kid’s bedrooms and other indoor spaces. “Native American” theme aimed to stimulate their imagination and creativity.

To find out more about this company and to purchase a set visit their website.

They also have other sets too! Like a castle and a space ship! How fun! Something for everyone!

This set retails for around $110. The price might seem high, but it really is worth it. It’s made to withstand play and everything is reusable. The head pieces have velcro so you can put those away flat as well.

I have three boys that are 2, 4 and 6 and they all can fit in this teepee! It’s quite spacious! (Even Mommy fit! HA!)

Wouldn’t this make a fun family gift for Christmas?? We usually get one larger thing for Christmas for the boys to share, one of these sets would be ideal for that!

– A Teepee-ing, Mommy B


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