Teddy Ruxbin & Grubby Plush Hug N Sing Talking Toys by Wicked Cool Toys!

Teddy Ruxbin was released in 1985 and was considered to be the first animated talking toy! Now Wicked Cool Toys has him and his friends in their line of toys! How cool is that!?

Earlier this year, The Jim Henson Company announced that they will be releasing an all new animated Teddy Ruxbin TV series! Can’t wait to see it… and watch out! These toys are sure to see an up-sweep in sales! So get them now!


We have fun and did a “Do not choose the wrong box” video on our channel, Aaron went for the small box, but eventually found the toys! Ha! That kid..


Aren’t they cute! They sing and talk when you hug them! Hug them more than once for them to say or sing something different. These would be perfect for a toddlers first lovey or first plush animal. These two are so sweet! I love how both can play a full song.

A little bit about the story of Teddy Ruxbin:

In 1985, Teddy Ruxpin became an overnight sensation as parents and children embraced this lovable, animated storytelling toy with a wholesome, gentle nature. Through Teddy, children were introduced to The World of Teddy Ruxpin, a magically imaginative place filled with Teddy’s many friends and his many exciting adventures in the Land of Grundo. 

BIG Thank you to Wicked Cool Toys for sending us these awesome two plush talking toys. They are sure to be your little ones new best friends.

Check out more about Wicked Cool Toys on their website.

Teddy and Grubby can both be found on Amazon for about $20 each.

– A Teddy loving, Mommy B


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