Zuru Max Build More blocks & figures!

I love Zuru.. they seriously have some of the best toys.

They now have their own line of building blocks and figures. The blocks are amazing! The figures seemed a bit flimsy so I wasn’t sure at first how they would hold up, but they are holding on strong! My boys are super rough with toys so even though they are a bit flimsy they must be made just fine the way they are!


The price points are amazing too! $25 for the large container of blocks and the figures are around $15. For some reason though, I can’t find these on the Walmart website, but if you check Brickseek, it will show what’s available in your area.


My boys play with these every day! It’s definitely a favorite! Love the platform bases as well. Everything is compatible with other major brands too! How awesome is that?

These are just as good as any other brand. (Actually better in my opinion!). These would make a great gift for a birthday party or for Christmas, especially at that price point!

Check out more about Zuru on their website!

BIG thank you to Zuru for all of these, these were actually on my boy’s Christmas list, so Christmas definitely came early for them!

– A building, Mommy B

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