Cabbage Patch Dolls & Adoptimals by Wicked Cool Toys!

Cabbage Patch Kids! I can’t believe they are celebrating 35 years! I had a few growing up! They were so popular when they first came out, people literally fought over them!

Wicked Cool Toys now has these in their line of toys. Not only do they have the dolls, but they Adoptimals (plush animals), figures, sets and more! So so cute!


Aren’t they so adorbs! I love the dolls’ chubby feet! They are so up to date and stylish too. The accessories for the dolls, like the bracelet, makes it even more cute!

The adoptimals are super soft, especially the cat we received. They are the “Lot’s Of Licks” Adoptimals and come with a food item that is magnetic and sticks to their magnetic tongues so it looks like they are licking the food item. It’s so cute! The adoptimals would be perfect for a toddler. Simple but sweet!

You can purchase these on Amazon, Target and Walmart. They all range in price from $10-$40. Target has a great sale going on right now for the Holidays with free two day shipping too!

I love Wicked Cool Toys, they have such fun toys! I was super excited when they sent us these to review! Check Wicked Cool Toys out on their site to see what all they offer.

– A Doll loving, Mommy B

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