Ryan’s World Mini Mystery Eggs! Layers of surprises!

Yes! I am so stoked for these!

I love the large ones, but these are just as fun and cost a lot less! Bonkers Toys just keeps on creating more and more fun Ryan’s World toys!


As you can tell, Aaron was stoked too! Our Walmart literally gets new stuff WAY after everyone else does! So I was surprised to see them so soon!


Look at everything inside! So genius with the layers too! I think this set for $10 is an awesome price! The figures alone are $6.

This egg is so fun! There are layers of surprises! You get either a mystery Ryan figurine, a build it Ryan figurine or a squishy Ryan! You also get tattoos, stickers, a bouncy ball and putty! Such a fun mini surprise egg from Ryan ToysReview!

These are available on Amazon and at Walmart.

We are definitely going to have to go get some more!

– A surprised, Mommy B

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