Lockrobots! Connecting With Creativity!

These guys are so simple, but yet so fun!


My son is SO into robots and monsters, she he freaked a little when we start filming!

Lockrobots® are an interlocking building toy. Its multi- functional design makes building possibilities endless. This toy allows the builder of any age to express their own imagination and creativity.

Lockrobots® are great for all ages. Because of their multi-functional design they can be used to stack, create puzzle like connections, and build 3D structures. Many have even said Lockrobots® have the features and effect of a fidget toy when playing with the basic connections.

Lockrobots® are manufactured, packaged and processed entirely in the U.S.A . They are safe for all ages, have no breakable parts, no choking hazards, and are made with non-toxic materials.


Hey guys, my name is Evan. Lockrobots was created and ran as a local business by my parents in the early 2000s. In 2018, My 8 year old son Rylan and I decided to give Lockrobots a new look and re-launch Lockrobots on the internet and social media. Rylan and I both love using our imagination and creating, so we thought it was the perfect time to bring Lockrobots back to the public. Lockrobots still is ran as a family business today.
We at Lockrobots believe that our brand is more than just a toy. We aspire to make Lockrobots a source and a cause for one to find inspiration in connecting with, and expressing, imagination and creativity. We believe building on imagination and creativity produce the ability to discover a world full of opportunities, adventures, and endless possibilities.

Check out more about Lockrobots.

They also have a Facebook and Instagram page!


BIG Thank you to Lockrobots for sending us these! We literally play with these guys everyday and the boys are super creative with them. They even line them all up and use them like domino’s! Ha!

They have them available for purchase on their site for $20 per 20 pieces!

– Not sure what to do with all this quiet time, Mommy B


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