Butt Heads! Brainfart & Grim Ripper! New Prank Fart Toys From Wowwee!

Yep.. Buttheads.. the new line of toys brought to you by Wowwee, the makers of Fingerlings!

This ghastly group is made up of four infamous characters: Grim Ripper, Tushi, Robutt, and Brainfart. Each character features 3 different ways for the kids to play – pull their finger for a gross surprise, set a stink bomb to prank friends and family, or challenge their friends to a stinky duel! Each Butthead also includes a smelly trading card complete with unique smells and stats!

We got Brainfart Butthead and the Grim Ripper Butthead! Along with a bunch of other goodies! Wowwee is known in this household for sending awesome packages!


These guys are super fun! You can find these for around $10-$15 on Amazon and Walmart. These would make great gag gifts!

– A stinky, Mommy B


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