Smooshy Mushy! Squishy Toys! Sugar Fix & Creamy Dreamy!

BIG Thank you to Smooshy Mushy & Redwood Ventures for sending us this AMAZING package! We received Series 4 & 5 Smooshy Mushys! Creamy Dreamy and Sugar Fix!


We absolutely love these! They are adorable and I just love the creativity with all the names and details.

The sugar fix box came with some gumballs in it, so we definitely got our sugar fix in 😉

Each container contains two squishes, a sticker, key chains and even a smaller version on the bigger container! So so cute!

These are so popular right now and are such fun collectibles. We got an Ultra Rare that glows in the dark! So much fun!


Aren’t they adorbs?


They are just beyond cute!


You can find these for around $7 – $8 at Walmart and on Amazon.

There even is a Smooshy Mushy game you can download on your IOS or Android device! Watch the video below so see how fun this game is!

  • A Smooshy Mushed, Mommy B



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