Dragamonz by Spin Master! Hatching, Collectible Dragons!

My boys LOVE Hatchimals.. and now there is a Dragon line that Spin Master is launching later this year!

There are over 70 to collect. You can hatch them just like Hatchimals.. or you can throw them and smash them.. which ever you like haha!


Now this isn’t the final product. The final product will come with collectible cards. There will also be a game you can download to play!


It really looks like a dragon type egg!


Good size too! Same size as the Hatchimal eggs. This one looks like a skeleton egg.. hmm..


Ah! I see why… There are skeleton dragon’s like this one!

I can’t wait for the launch of these! They will retail for around $4-5 for single packs and will be available at most retailers.

An Dragon egg cracking, Mommy B


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