Ghostbusters Birthday Party! DIY Proton Packs, Playmobil Toys & More!

LJ turned 5! He is in love with Ghostbusters right now, so we decided to go with it and do a Ghostbusters theme!


I looked online for some ideas on how to decorate.. and on the cheap too. We bought all of our decorations from the Dollar Tree & Walmart. I took some tissue paper and cut out some slime looking shapes for the present table.


I did purchase a printable banner off of Etsy.. $8.. but so worth it!


For the proton packs, we also bought everything from the Dollar Tree, the containers and tubing we had around the house. We hot glued everything together and it turned out really cute! We placed an empty flat box in each of the bags so it made it sturdy.


See! Aren’t they cool! We tied up the straps some so they hung better on the boys’ backs. They had a blast playing with these. I was surprised at how long they lasted. My 3 year old is rough, so his lasted a few days.. but the other two are still intact!


Ghostbuster toys are so hard to find! Thank goodness for Playmobil!


LJ wanted to set it all up.. we did out the Ghostbuster car together later that night.. it was a lot of fun!


Of course! The best part! My Sister made LJ an amazing home made ice cream cake! It had edible slime inside with one of the Ghostbusters. It was so cute… and SO Yum!

His party was such a blast!

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