NEW Ryan’s World Mega Mystery Treasure Chest!

This is definitely MEGA!

Oh my goodness.. at first I thought $80 was soo much for this, but really.. with everything you get, it’s a steal!


Look at everything! It was SOO much fun to unbox! What an experience!



  • The biggest Ryan’s World unboxing experience to date!
  • Filled with tons of pirate surprises and reveals
  • Chest serves as a sturdy storage case
  • Exclusively available at Target starting June 23
Kids will have the biggest Ryan’s World unboxing experience to date when they dive into Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest. The pirate themed chest itself doubles as a sturdy storage case which is always a bonus for moms. Upon opening the chest, kids will find 8 secret compartments, each containing mystery figures, Build-a-Ryan figures, gold coins, gem putty and of course, skeleton keys to unlock the surprises. Find the right key to unlock the top of the chest and reveal fun pirate gear. Underneath the first batch of surprises, kids will find even more fun with a dig and discover toy with an ultra-rare surprise, and the hero item, the ultimate mystery vehicle that even includes its own micro surprise. 3 different versions including an ultra-rare chase version!
Dimensions (Overall): 13 inches (H) x 18 inches (W) x 9 inches (D)
Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up
You can purchase this awesome set at Target for $80.00.

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