What’s In My Purse Surprise – MGA Entertainment!

MGA just keeps doing it! They have some of my favorite toys!

This new line is so cute. You can purchase the purse with surprises and they even have separate packs.

Show off style and personality with What’s in My Purse Surprise Doll Purse! Each fabulous doll purse has her own unique look and she’s full of surprises that match her mood. Each doll purse comes with a detachable metal chain, making it stylish and easy to take all your stuff on-the-go. Collect all three fashionable doll purses with What’s in My Purse Surprise!
The fabulous doll purse with surprises inside to show off your style.
Includes 1 large lip gloss and 2 cute erasers that match each doll purse’s style.
Scratch off the surprise scratcher to learn more about Pinkie Swear!
Detachable metal chain makes it easy to take your stuff on-the-go!

These are available at Walmart, Target and online on Amazon.




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