Goo Goo Galaxy By Moose Toys

We have been wanting to review one for some now! These are so super cute, I love how they come in a “space pod”!

HUGE Thank you to Moose Toys for sending her to us for free to review!


Squeeze Luna Laguna’s Squishy Belly and see her shimmery ocean of stars move about inside her! She’s filled with swirling starry speckles from Splashus, her home star. Make your very own, out of this world ‘Goo-to-Go’!

The Goo Drops have brought a Surprise Intergalactic Slime Activity with them from outer space – all you need to do is mix, make and display! Enjoy an out-of-this world unboxing experience! Open the Space Pod and discover what Luna Laguna has crash landed with!

There are 4 to collect and they are available on Amazon, Walmart and other retailers. They retail for around $15.







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