VanTop Junior K6 Kids Camera

Zieke has been wanting a camera forever! So he was super excited to review this!

He had no problem navigating around to find the different functions. Such a super cute and fun camera for kids! It looks like a Minion too! haha

Here are the main selling points of this new product:
●Take pics, selfie, video, customized startup screen
●Support 1080P HD video and 20MP photos
●26 cartoon photo frames, 6 filters, 3 special effects, 3 games, 4x digital zoom
●Rechargeable battery / USB cable charging, card reader / USB cable directly connected to the camera or computer to upload files
●Package includes: 32GB memory card, card reader, lanyard, USB cable, sticker,
bundle pocket
This camera is now available on Amazon for right around $35!

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