The Freckle Ball & Freckle Band!

Check this out y’all! The Freckle Ball was invented by Charlie, a 13 year old from Columbus, Ohio, our home state! He created a ball that’s fun, but safe! It’s made of food grade silicon which makes it super soft and easy to pick up, hold and throw. The Freckle Bands are just as awesome! They are also food grade silicon. They come in all sorts of bright colors and are randomly scented either chocolate or cotton candy! They also double as a fidget toy!

The Original FreckleBalls are:
  • Made from high-quality, food-grade silicon
  • Seamlessly sealed to keep the FreckleBeads (the source of that satisfying “shake”) safely inside
  • Made for ages 5 and above. For children aged 4 and under, there’s Baby FreckleBall – the patented version made without FreckleBeads inside.



Color Pink / Green, Blue / Red, Blue / Royal, Green / Orange, Green / Royal, Orange / Blue, Red / Green, Orange / Royal, Pink / Green, Purple / Pink, Purple / Teal, Royal / Black, Yellow / Black, Yellow / Green, Yellow / Red, Yellow / Royal, Yellow / Teal, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal, Teal, Yellow
The Original FreckleBands are:
  • Made from high-quality, food-grade silicon
  • Made for ages 5 and above
  • Additional information

    Color Teal, Green, Pink, Blue
    Size Large, Small


The ball retails for around $13 and the bands for around $5. These would make the perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas!

You can purchase them on their web site! They have other social media outlets you should also check out:







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