TreeMendous Ornament Decorator

This was so addicting! Aaron really enjoyed it and so did I! This decorator comes with 3 ornaments and there are additional ornaments that you can purchase as well. What a simple but fun Christmas craft!

Somewhere between the Thanksgiving turkey and the marathon of football games, parents start the countdown to Christmas by putting up the family tree. Mom or grandma pulls down boxes of ornaments and tinsel that has been safely tucked away since last year! Little children decorate the lower branches or sometimes get the honor of being lifted high to put a shiny star on the top branch. One toymaker suggests a new spin on Christmas 2019 with the TreeMendous Ornament Decorator ($19.99) (

Homemade ornaments, colored by wide-eyed children in anticipation of Santa, become treasures that capture a moment in time. TreeMendous uses a patent pending design to let children, within minutes, craft a beautiful ball with colorful spirals, stripes, and zigzags! Hang it on the tree or gift it as a sweet memento for someone else’s holiday décor.

Kids of all ages can craft perfect, hand-decorated tree ornaments by inserting one of the included, blank white ornaments into the TreeMendous holder. Flip the switch to get it spinning and then use the enclosed non-toxic markers to start coloring beautiful, vibrant lines. No matter how un-steady small hands are, the lines always turn out perfectly straight because the ornament is always spinning!

And the best part – there’s absolutely no mess. The marker colors dry almost instantly so grownups can simply remove the ornament from the spinner and immediately hang it up on the tree. TreeMendous makes a perfect present as it’s an ideal activity for kids and their grandparents, cousins and parents alike.

You can also purchase this set and additional ornaments on Amazon.

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