Alex Brands Bath Jelli Pops

Even though some of the colors were off 😂 it was still very fun to make! Easy too! Love how you can even create layers!

You can reuse the containers and fill these with your own body wash in then after all of the jelli is gone!

Purchased from @olliesoutlet made by @alexglobalproducts!

Easter Basket Ideas from Zuru Toys!

Easter Toy Hunt with Zuru Toys!

Going on an Easter Toy Hunt! Kinda like an egg hunt, but with toys! These all are around $5 each and make the perfect Easter basket stuffer! Check out Glove-A-Bubbles too!

These are available at most retailers!

Ambush Mosquito Trap

You haven’t experienced true freedom from mosquitoes until you have tried the Ambush Mosquito Trap!

We love the outdoors, but are always bothered by pesty mosquitoes. Trying to have a family cook out or just a simple walk in the yard is hard to enjoy. I was so relived to find the Ambush Mosquito Trap. It’s super quiet, portable and affordable! It covers a 1/2 acre area too! Now we can finally enjoy the outdoors again!

You can purchase one for yourself on their website: Ambush Mosquito Traps. They offer free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Check out just how simple it is to put together:

Ambush Mosquito Trap Unboxing

The Ambush Mosquito Trap imitates human scents to lure and trap mosquitoes. 6 attractants to be exact! Octenol and Lactic acid, Carbon Dioxide, a warming plate, UV light and the black casing, as mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors.

I love the simple and sleek design.


It comes with the lure to add to the top of the trap, replacements can be purchased via their website.

Clean up is a breeze! Just remove the mesh bag, dump, and place back.

Be sure to get one today! You won’t be sorry!

Smart Four by Giiker

The GiiKER smart board game is the world’s first app-enabled game board. It features bluetooth sensors, Magnetic pieces and Intelligent Algorithm, which can track your steps.

Smart Score 4: Smart board game is a worlds first and Award-wining board game, with Bluetooth built-in and app-enabled makes it be outstand. After it connect to phone/tablet or IPad, players can battle with friends face to face, or online , or with AI-enabled app.

AI Mode: Turn the traditional win-rules 2-dimentions into 3-dimentions, the players have to imagine more steps during battle, it even has AI mode!

App-enabled: Use the smart four app to search for players online.

You can purchase this on Amazon:

Use code: 4MZ6YG2E for 12% off!

Nancy Drew Cookie Contest 2020

Time to preheat those ovens for the Nancy Drew Cookie Contest! You can enter the main category or the Midnight in Salem one! There are cash prizes that you can win!

Go check out all the details here:

Also, from now until the 25th, all games are 45% off! Nancy Drew Games
Stay tuned for a chance to win a free game download!