New Season 2 Boxy Girls!

Anyone who follows us, knows how much we love Boxy Girls!

WELL.. they JUST launched season 2! There are 4 new dolls and we bought 2 of them. There is also season 3 that will be launched later this year.


We got Kiki and Hannah! Aren’t they soo cute! I LOVE these dolls.


You can see on the back the other dolls from season 2 as well as season 3.


Here they are out of the box! They each come with 5 surprise shipping boxes, where the first season only came with 4.


Haha Yes, the boxes are upside down. It was easier to open them this way! Look how cute though! I love Kiki, she has a love for candy, JUST like me! Her dress has sprinkles all over it and her glasses are candy glasses!

Hannah is into the 70’s as you can tell. Love her outfit! I love how they each have their own personalities and likes.

These are such cute dolls. Such a cute concept, I can so relate, I LOVE to online shop! Ha! They retail for right around $15 each.

These dolls can be found an Amazon and at Walmart. We will be opening up some more NEW stuff from Boxy Girls and will be sure to post about it here, so watch this space!

– There is no stopping this Mommy B!


Ryan’s World Mini Mystery Eggs! Layers of surprises!

Yes! I am so stoked for these!

I love the large ones, but these are just as fun and cost a lot less! Bonkers Toys just keeps on creating more and more fun Ryan’s World toys!


As you can tell, Aaron was stoked too! Our Walmart literally gets new stuff WAY after everyone else does! So I was surprised to see them so soon!


Look at everything inside! So genius with the layers too! I think this set for $10 is an awesome price! The figures alone are $6.

This egg is so fun! There are layers of surprises! You get either a mystery Ryan figurine, a build it Ryan figurine or a squishy Ryan! You also get tattoos, stickers, a bouncy ball and putty! Such a fun mini surprise egg from Ryan ToysReview!

These are available on Amazon and at Walmart.

We are definitely going to have to go get some more!

– A surprised, Mommy B

#Snapstar – Fully Poseable Fashion Dolls by Yulu!

Check out these AMAZING #SNAPSTAR dolls from YULU! Not only are they beautifully created dolls, but they come with their own green screen along with their very own studio app that you can download for free!

With the #SNAPSTAR Studio App, you can use Augmented Reality to add clothes, makeup, hair, backgrounds, and accessories to your dolls and then you can snap a pic to share on social media! The hair also comes off so that you can easily change it or pick a different hairdo in the app! This idea is so innovative and exciting! (Right now only the backgrounds in the app are available, the other features are yet to come!)


Look at the package we received .. and this is just the outside!


Look at the inside! Ah.. I just love the marketing that went into this!


The little postcard and letter was such a cute touch!


HERE THEY ARE! Here’s 3 of the 6 dolls available!


There are even fashion packs!


We haven’t opened up the fashion packs, but plan to do so in another video review.


I just love the innovation on these!


Here they are! We got (from left to right) Dawn, Lola & Yuki!

They are some of the prettiest dolls I have EVER seen. They are fully posable and the have wigs! You can switch hairs or take them off so you can do makeup and different hair styles in the studio app! (Note: this feature is yet to be released)

The app is available on the Google Play Store & Apple Store.


Here’s a few things we created with the green screen and app! How fun, right?!

These dolls can be found exclusively at Walmart for right around $15! Such a great price for these dolls!

I can’t wait to get the rest of the dolls and to try out the app once the other features are added!

– #Snapstar Mommy B


Pikmi Pop Bubble Drops by Moose Toys!

These things are so addictive! I can’t seem to be able to put them down!

We were lucky enough to find these at our local Target! These were the last two! We found them laying behind some other toys.


The cute wrapping is enough to want to buy them all! Ha!


This is the Parrot! It’s a RARE!


See the bubble drop??! So cute!


LJ opened up a squirrel! IT WAS A RARE TOO! Ha! Imagine that!


There is it’s bubble drop. They are so addictive, they really are ha! Stress reliever for sure!

There are over 24 to collect with some ultra rare ones as well! These retail for about $8 each, kinda pricey in my opinion, but they are really cute and the bubbles can come out of the Pikmi’s, so you can switch em out and even wash the Pikmi’s if needed.

You can purchase these online on Amazon and at other retailers. We found these at Target, but can’t seem to locate them on their website.

– A less stressed, Mommy B

Wrapples! The wearable best friend by Moose Toys!

Slap bracelets… remember those?

Well Moose Toys has brought those back.. but 10X better! The Wrapples not only slap on your wrist, but they sing, laugh, sleep and more! They are super duper cute!


This one is Una.. isn’t she so fluffy and cute?! I love how their mouths move. Their eyes change to different colors depending on their mood:

Yellow = Calm

Green = Happy

Orange = Anxious

Red = Grumpy/Lonely

You can turn them upside down and they make a sleeping sound. They also interact with each other Wrapples! I want to see this! Shake them to see how they react! Ha!

You can get Una right now on Amazon for $12! Super good deal, as these are around $15-$20 in most stores.

Check out our full video review on our Toy Crazy Show channel:

  • A Wrappling, Mommy B


Floof from Play Alive! Moldable play snow!

Well snow is fun and all.. but it does get really cold.. and I don’t like the cold much.. SO we found a great alternative! Ha! FLOOF!!

Floof is a soft and stretchy play compound and comes in all kids if different sets!

An amazing compound that feels lighter than air! Super moldable, super soft! You’ll get amazing details when you shape it with any of our tools, or make your own creations using just your hands. One thing’s for sure — once you feel it, you won’t want to put it down!


We received two sets, a Snowboard Parks & a Dino Babies! These were really fun! We really enjoyed the Dino Babies set. You mold little dinos and there is even a roller so you can make dino foot prints. The other set was cute too, comes with two snowboards that you can put your fingers into and you can then finger snowboard! Ha!

Now, to us this didn’t feel anything like snow.. but oh my goodness.. it was so much fun! It’s kinda stretchy.. Marshmellowy kinda.. It’s hard to explain. (I will add though, it is a bit messy and will stick to your clothes, so maybe have the kiddos play with this on a table. Clean up wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, sweeps up easy and you can even brush your clothes off and it pretty much falls off.)

They have all kinds of other floof sets! I am really wanting the snow ball kit! Ha! Visit their site to see all of the kits they have to offer!

These sets retail from around $15-$20. Amazon has the Dino Babies and Snowboard sets for right around $15 right now.

These are such great sensory type sets, my boys LOVE anything hands on.

– A floofed, Mommy B


MiBro the Really Rad Robot by Moose Toys!

Moose Toys sent us this little guy a few months ago and we were just now able to review him with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

This Mibro is something else! He is super cute! He makes all kinds of sounds and noises, he sings, dances and can even play a round of a nerf battle! Ha!


Here at Really RAD Robots, we build robots for you! Like MiBro, your really rad buddy! MiBro comes with an easy to use remote control so you can get up to all sorts of mischief. MiBro is your ultimate robot servant. Attach the tray accessory and he delivers! Place MiBro in Stealth Mode to spy and listen for you! His built-in microphone picks up sounds nearby and sends them to his remote control! MiBro can also speak for you! Drive him up to someone and you can send messages from a distance by talking through the remote control! MiBro comes with 4 Really RAD accessories – a soccer ball, a rad blaster, a tray and a foam hand! MiBro is your Robot partner in fun! He’ll impress your friends. He’ll save the day. MiBro, hard wired for fun, from Really RAD Robots.

  • Mibro – Your Robot Partner In Fun!
  • Use My Remote To Talk Through Me
  • Let’s Spy! My Remote Will Allow You To Be Sneaky And Listen To Secrets.
  • Trick, Prank And Surprise Your Friends With My Really Rad Accessories And Sound Effects!
  • Use My Tray To Deliver What You Need
  • Play Soccer With Me And Show Off Your Rad Ball Skills

You can find this awesome RC Robot at Walmart and on Amazon. He retails for around $40.

He is super easy to control, my 3 year old even played around with him!

He really is a lot of fun! I love how he dances! Check out our video review:

Even the Poopsie Unicorns enjoyed playing with him 😉

– A dancing, Mommy B