Poopsie Cutie Tooties! Slime surprise toys!

You all know how much I LOVE Poopsie products.. that sounds so funny HA!… so we had to get our hands on some of these!


There are 5 different types of slime which comes in different colors and over 25 toy surprises to collect. I was SO impressed with the slime. Poopsie products normally don’t have that great of slime haha.. we got the marshmallow slime and the crunch slime! I am IN LOVE with the marshmallow slime! The little Poopsie pods so so cute to! I couldn’t bare to cut them open, so we used the opening at the bottom! Ha!


They are just sooo colorful and cute! Really some of the cutest toys being produced.

These are about $10 each and can be found at Walmart or on Amazon.

We are heading to the New York Toy Fair this week and we got a meeting with MGA! I am super excited!! So keep an eye on this space! We will be blogging about everything we see there!


– A Poopsied, Mommy B



S.W.A.K. Sealed With A Kiss Kissable Keychains by Wowwee!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine’s day! I always have, even as a little girl. I think it was just so pretty with all the flowers, hearts and glitz!

So when asked to review these.. I was super excited.. I mean.. come on.. it’s Wowwee anyways! I LOVE their products!


We did a little fun video on our YouTube channel with these cute Poopsie Critters.. love the presentation of it all!

What’s Inside each box:

The Keychain That Really Kisses. Each S.W.A.K. comes with KissTech, a unique sensor technology that detects contact with your skin. The longer you hold it against your cheek, the longer the kiss lasts!

Bring Them Wherever You Go. The keychain makes it easy to bring your S.W.A.K. wherever you go! Hang them from your bag, hang them from your sweater, they’re the perfect add-on to any look.

Removable Keychain. Each S.W.A.K.’s keychain ring is removable, making it easy to clip on and off whenever you please!

Show Your Love. With a slot located at the top, your S.W.A.K. is also a fun way to display your favorite photos or cards.

Battery Saving Mode. After 5 minutes left idle, your S.W.A.K. will go into battery saving mode. To get it going again, all you need to do is turn if off then on again!

Check out all of the different ones you can collect via their website!

These retail for right around $6 and can be found at Walmart and on Amazon! Would make such a cute gift for teachers, or Gma.. anyone really!

Sealed with lots of kisses, Mommy B

FGTeev Announces New Toy Line! Bonkers Toys!

So my oldest son is OBSESSED with Funnel Vision/FGTeev/This whole family.. lol.. and we seen a sneak peak of these toys on their 10 Millions subs video:

My son FREAKED when he seen the toy line..it was like literally shown for like half a second.. haha.. anyways.. I just seen via Facebook that… wait for it… BONKERS TOYS is going to be creating this line!!!!!!!


Check it out here!!!  <——-

Bonkers will be revealing this all new line at the NYTF! Make sure to follow this blog for updates on this toy line! We will be attending the NYTF and will be reporting everything we can!

From the half a second screen shot in the video looks like all kinds of fun toys will be featured in the FGTeev line! Figures, collectibles, plush funnel boy and more… oh and I see bacon! Bahah

They just released these pictures:

FGTeeV Blind BagsFGTeeV Giant Mystery Pack


– Super excited, Mommy B


Monster & Nerf Toddler Birthday Party!

So my son just turned 3 and he is in love with Monsters and Nerf! So we came up with a little fun theme.. Monsters.. and Nerf! lol

I found some cute monster images online and printed them out. I then hung them all over the house so he could go “monster” hunting. It was so cute. He absolutely loved it!


We had Nerf guns and a bowl full of Nerf bullets so everyone could join in on the fun 😉


My Sister made this cake of course! It was soo adrobs! My son was amazed lol! Check out my sisters facebook page to see all of her amazing creations!


Some of his presents! I LOVE these! They are so cute!


My Sister made some cupcakes for the boys to decorate. They made them into monsters! So so cute!


My Sis made homemade sprinkles for the inside… yes.. she is amazing! haha!

We kept things really cheap! We found the decorations and party plates and such at either at the Dollar Tree or Walmart. Also, there are ALL kinds of clearanced toys at Walmart now, so we spent maybe a total of $30 on all his gifts!

Can’t believe my baby is 3!


Smartphone Trivia Dice Game! Fun game for the whole family!

So this game is really neat. It comes with a dice that you roll then scan via your smartphone on the Trivia Dice game app and it gives you trivia questions to answer! So fun!

This would be fun to take when going out to eat to buy some time when waiting for food. It’s super simple to play, we did have a little trouble scanning the dice, but when we moved further away while scanning the dice it seemed to work just fine.

unnamed (5)

Completing homework assignments has its rewards not just in the classroom but at home thanks to Smartphone Trivia Dice ($6.99) from Continuum Games, a captivating boutique of cooperative play products. Know-it-alls can challenge mom and dad to a round of trivia or enjoy solo play. The fun is stored right in their phones.

Kids ages nine or above already have a fondness for their cellphones. Instead of texting or watching videos, have them download the Trivia App that becomes a teachable moment (or hour!). A scan-able cube resembling a die appears on the screen. Give it a virtual roll and see where it stops. Each side of the cube reveals a topic ranging from Sports and Entertainment to Science or General Knowledge. There are six trivia categories in all.

When ready for a fresh game, type in the name of each player and follow the instructions to roll and scan the cube. Answer correctly and continue through each category from Geography to Science. But if you miss an answer, you lose your turn. Bragging rights go to the first person that can answers all six categories accurately!

Smartphone Trivia Dice is a fun technology enabled trivia game that uses the scanner on your Smartphone and a unique scan-able cube. Roll the die, scan it, and answer trivia questions on your Smartphone. The side of the die determines your trivia category. Get your question right, go again. Miss it; pass the die to the next player. The first to answer one question correctly in each of the six categories wins! For ages 9+.

Continuum Games makes some really fun game! This is definitely a favorite so far!

You can purchase this game for just $6.99 on Amazon!

– A game loving, Mommy B

Smooshy Mushy! Squishy Toys! Sugar Fix & Creamy Dreamy!

BIG Thank you to Smooshy Mushy & Redwood Ventures for sending us this AMAZING package! We received Series 4 & 5 Smooshy Mushys! Creamy Dreamy and Sugar Fix!


We absolutely love these! They are adorable and I just love the creativity with all the names and details.

The sugar fix box came with some gumballs in it, so we definitely got our sugar fix in 😉

Each container contains two squishes, a sticker, key chains and even a smaller version on the bigger container! So so cute!

These are so popular right now and are such fun collectibles. We got an Ultra Rare that glows in the dark! So much fun!


Aren’t they adorbs?


They are just beyond cute!


You can find these for around $7 – $8 at Walmart and on Amazon.

There even is a Smooshy Mushy game you can download on your IOS or Android device! Watch the video below so see how fun this game is!

  • A Smooshy Mushed, Mommy B



Hairdorable Pets! Pets for Hairdorable Dolls!

Ok, so the Hairdorable Dolls are ADORBS! The pets are just as cute!


They open up and have a background for displaying or for playing! They come with accessories too! We got two cats: Lemon and Tango. Ha! Oh they belong to certain Hairdorable dolls. So so cute! There are 24 to collect.

Meet the newest members of our #Squad! The Hairdorables pets are just about the cutest fur-friends you’ve ever seen! Lovable, loyal, and with lots of big hair don’t care style, our pets express their unique personalities just like us! Each pet comes with their own brush, so girls can style their Hairdorables pet’s hair, just like their Hairdorables dolls! Each pet includes 2 accessories, 2 stickers, One brush, one Adoption card, and one collector list.
24 amazingly adorable pets to collect across series 1 (including 1 ultra-rare)
Pull, peel, and reveal 8 surprises inside! Each package includes Hairdorables pet, 2 accessories, 2 stickers, One brush, one Adoption card, and one collector list. Each package is a surprise – which Hairdorables pet will you unwrap?


You can find these at Walmart or on Amazon for around $10.

– Pet loving, Mommy B