Moosh Moosh plushies and slippers! The softest plush ever!

These are seriously the softest plush toys I have ever touched! Not only are they super soft, but super squishy!

Moosh Moosh has some super cute plush toys and slippers! They even have some plush toys with sequins! It’s like once you touch, you can’t let go! Ha!


I love their faces! Especially the stars in their eyes! The slippers are super cozy too! My son wears his all the time!


They have the cutest characters!


The quality seems to be pretty good! As I have mentioned before, my boys are super rough, and so far.. so good! Keep in mind though, these are spot clean only.


The sequin ones are soo fun to play with! I see why they are so popular! Moosh Moosh has recently launched their 3rd series! The characters come in two different sizes and with a price range of $5-$20, everyone can own their own Moosh Moosh!

If kids ask for Crush The Shark this holiday season, they are not alone. Crush has become “the it toy” since Moosh-Moosh™ launched its cuddly buddy collection earlier this year. Stack ‘em or squish ‘em, they are oh-so-cute. Moosh-Moosh has become a hit on Instagram as kids and celebrities can’t get enough of these pillow pals. Just in time for holiday gift-wrapping, check out Slipperz, the oh-my-gosh adorable slippers for kids ($14.99) and kidults ($19.99). Crush is one of a dozen personalities transformed into a left and a right indoor slip-on. 

Joining Slipperz are the Sequins ($17.99) and Series 3 large plush ($14.99) Collections this month. Best described as plush with a marshmallow-like texture, these pillow pals offer comfort, cuddles and company to youngsters, teens and college coeds. Thousands of fans follow them on Facebook. Better Homes and Gardens spotlighted them in their December 2018 issue.

“With almost every animal that you can think of — and some you never would! — the cuddly kids stuffed animals from Moosh-Moosh are loveable and fun,” begins the magazine’s column, 15 Gifts to Give The Kid Who Has Everything. “We love Handi Andy the octopus stuffed animal and Gwen the Penguin plush, though honestly, it’s really hard to pick favorites! Where else can you find a dragon, a caticorn, and a giraffe in one place? Plus, they start at only $5.99, which means you can buy one of these affordable stuffed animals for all of the kids in the family without blowing your budget.”

Add a little sparkle to the holiday with a pal from the Sequin Plushies Collection. Neighborhood stores including Michaels, CVS and Jo Ann have stockpiled the popular plush. But you might discover them on family outings at museum stores or event venue pop-up shops. Sequins have a special swipe & change feature that makes kids want to “pet” their plushies. And why not? With cute faces on Bandit, Percy, Cody and Kandy Kat, these sequined softees will be treasured long after the thank you notes have been mailed and the tree toted away.

Crush The Shark makes a special appearance in the Sequin Collection with a silvery head and soft white torso.

Moosh-Moosh designers have just released Series 3 with some distinct personalities. Crush is joined by his shark siblings Nibler and Neptune. Sweet! New to the group is devilish Ash and Spike, Nemo-lookalike Finster, winking Francine and meow-velous Blossom. Priced nicely at $14.99, kids can spend their own Christmas money on a new plush pal. Or tell Grandma to surprise each of the grandkids without breaking her budget. 

Visit Moosh Moosh on their site to see all of the different characters that they have to offer!

A Moosh Moosh Loving, Mommy B




Opening Christmas Presents 2018! What we got for Christmas!

6:30am.. yes… super early.. and it all was over within 20 mins flat! Haha!

I remember being so excited at that age and doing the exact same thing! I love seeing their faces light up when opening their presents, especially when it’s something that they have been asking for!

We didn’t over do it this year, mainly because we get so many things sent to us during the year to review, so we decided to low key it. They of course got things they asked for and then some things I know they would enjoy. The boys are into crafting and coloring and such.. so we aimed for more STEM sets this year.


My Sister made these adorbs stockings for the boys! So stinking cute!




Monster.. (Aaron loves to go Monster hunting in the house ha!)..


And.. Gummibar!! Haha.. She did such a great job on them!


I love this picture..


We tried to code the gifts by the wrapping paper design! Ha.. so much easier this way to tell which gift is for which kid..


They were soooo excited! Zieke, however, was upset that it was super early and tried to talk everyone into waiting.. but it didn’t last long! They all eventually were by the presents ready to dig in!


We had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! I was soo excited about that!


We had a great day! I was surprised they didnt open up everything that they got that day! Ha! I told them that they are out of school for the next two weeks, so they may want to open up a few things each day so that they had some things to look forward to doing 😉

I keep reminding the boys what Christmas is all about and how blessed we truly are.. that It’s Jesus’ birthday, but yet we get all the gifts.. How truly amazing..

Merry Christmas!!

Hexbug robotic soccer set!

My boys and I love the Hexbug Bugs! You turn them on and they scatter everywhere! I remember Ryan ToysReview doing a video on those bugs! They had like a thousand! Ha! So cool to watch.. and now Hexbug’s has expanded their line to a whole lot more!

Like…. this awesome robotic soccer set!


Boys really loved it! Comes with two rc cars, 2 soccer balls and stickers so you can customized it too! The controls are small, but super easy to use. It also says that batteries are included.. but ours didn’t come with any..  The cars take 3 AAA batteries each and the remotes take two small circle batteries per controller.


The HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena features a realistic fold-out game board, two authentic goal posts, as well as snap-together walls to help in keeping your game contained. Also included are two individual remote controlled HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Singles with assorted decals, so you can customize your player! Shoot, score, and the crowd goes wild! All the fun of soccer is now miniaturized, and in your hands!

You’re about to enter an epic soccer venue, with a twist! You control the robotic athletes! Modeled after a real-life soccer stadium comes the HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena.

  • Includes 2 remote controlled Robotic Soccer Singles
  • Includes 6 different interchangeable tops
  • Includes 3 sticker sheets
  • Includes 2 soccer balls
  • Fold-out game board
  • Ages 8 years and up

Check out more about this set on their website.

You can get this set for about $70 on Amazon.

We plan to take this over to our family Christmas party for some fun game time! I’m super excited to see what others think of it! So glad Hexbug sent this to us to review! I hope we get to review some more products come next year!

– A scoring, Mommy B

New Gross Series 2 Smashers by Zuru!

Smashers! These things are so cool and the concept is so creative!

Series 2 is an all new gross series with.. yep you guessed it.. poop! Not sure if I understand the craze of all of this poop.. but for the most part, it doesn’t bother me.

What I really like is the bus, you can put them all the Smasher figures on top of the bus and it it as well. This of course is the main attraction when it comes to Smashers, at least with my boys! The bus even opens up so you can use a little spring loaded plunger to launch the smasher figures into a toilet… bahaha… oh gee.. It is actually fun to do! lol

Once you smash the Smashers open, you can rebuild the ball and smash again! Now that’s pretty cool. I love how you can reuse and play again. No plastic waste! Also teaches kids how to put something back together. Yes! Use those fine motor skills! Ha!


Boys were super excited about these! They kept asking to film them, so we finally got a chance too.. when Aaron was at my Mom’s! Ha!

There are even some special smashers that come in a bag that have….drub roll… slime! Bahah! Gee.. slime and poop… just not sure if I get it.. but hey.. I can make it work! Ha! #BoyMom


Love the eye ball Smashers!


We came up with different fun ways to smash them open. In the picture above we tried to bazooka them through some tubes! It was Ziekes idea.. it sorta worked….we tweaked his idea a bit and then it worked much better 😉

Zuru sent us an extra bus and an extra pack of Smashers so we are doing a giveaway! Check it out HERE!

Zuru has so many fun products! Definitely check them out on their website!

You can still get these in store at Walmart, if you do order on Amazon though, you won’t receive  them until after Christmas. They range in price from $5-$30.

– Having a Smashing good time, Mommy B




Clicformers Speed Wheel Set! Fun building set for kids!

So simple but yet really cool!

For age 4+ this is sure to be a favorite among kids! Love how simple they are to click together. PLUS this is a 10 in 1 set! You can build 10 different types of vehicles with the 34 pieces that are included. No batteries, not tools needed!

I was actually surprised as how simple this is to put together. It does come with two little prying tools for separating the pieces which can be really handy for kids, I didn’t really use it much, but definitely beneficial for kids.


In our video review we had the Grinch steal our toy 😉 He luckily came around and we all built it together as a team! Ha! Gee.. I’m so crazy lol

My 2, almost 3 year old, helped me out with this. He did have a little trouble snapping the pieces together, so the 4+ age recommendation is spot on.

Check out more about Clicfomers on their website.

You can purchase this set for right around $25 on Amazon.


Aaron was all over the place trying to play with this set!


He was doing his best to make his own design! ha!


I love how chunky the pieces are! Perfect for small hands.

Check out our video for a full review!

So glad we were sent this set! I would really like to get the boys a few more!

– A Clicforming, Mommy B


Orbeez Spin & Soothe Hand Spa by Maya Toys!

Orbeez are so much fun and this set makes orbeez even more fun!


Now, the containers of the pre-grown Orbeez aren’t included in this set, BUT it does come with 1,000 orbeez that you can grow yourself!

There are 30 nail decals and a nail file! How fun! This would be a blast at a birthday party! (It takes 4 AA batteries that aren’t included.)

We created a fun twist on this set and used it as a full body Orbeez spa for some Mini Boxy Girls! Haha! It was just the right size for them!


See! Haha Your kids could use other dolls as well, like the LOL Surprise dolls! I love trying to be creative with the toys we have. Let kids use their imagination! That’s what playing is all about!


Gee.. wish they would make a full sized orbeez spa for adult and kids! LOL OMG now wouldn’t THAT be a blast! Check out Maya Toys on their web site to see all of the products that they have to offer!

These retail from $15 -$25 and can be found on WalmartAmazon.

Check out our video to see just how fun this is!

– An Orbeez loving, Mommy B

Cabbage Patch Dolls & Adoptimals by Wicked Cool Toys!

Cabbage Patch Kids! I can’t believe they are celebrating 35 years! I had a few growing up! They were so popular when they first came out, people literally fought over them!

Wicked Cool Toys now has these in their line of toys. Not only do they have the dolls, but they Adoptimals (plush animals), figures, sets and more! So so cute!


Aren’t they so adorbs! I love the dolls’ chubby feet! They are so up to date and stylish too. The accessories for the dolls, like the bracelet, makes it even more cute!

The adoptimals are super soft, especially the cat we received. They are the “Lot’s Of Licks” Adoptimals and come with a food item that is magnetic and sticks to their magnetic tongues so it looks like they are licking the food item. It’s so cute! The adoptimals would be perfect for a toddler. Simple but sweet!

You can purchase these on Amazon, Target and Walmart. They all range in price from $10-$40. Target has a great sale going on right now for the Holidays with free two day shipping too!

I love Wicked Cool Toys, they have such fun toys! I was super excited when they sent us these to review! Check Wicked Cool Toys out on their site to see what all they offer.

– A Doll loving, Mommy B