People Toy Company | Follow Up | Toy Review

Good Morning Dreamers!

So, we did a follow up of all of the products that People Toy Company sent us! I must say they all held up really well! Some of the paint/logos were wearing off, but that is to be expected.

Watch the video here

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All in all I think Baby A likes Sammy Squid the best. He sat in a swing at the park for 30 mins and chewed on him the entire time! You can’t even really tell he has been chewed on! The least of his favorites I think was the trumpet, he does like shaking it though, and when it is blown on, it is super load… but that is my only complaint lol


Purchase these amazing toys here:

People Sammy Squid TeeTher

People Multi-sense Trumpet

People Mochi Teething Ring

People Like It Pacifier

People Push and Pull UFO

People Catch Me If You Can! Lion

I was surprised at how well the teethers held up! The Mochi one especially. Keep a look out for more People Toy Company products! We will be doing a giveaway here soon too! More details to come on Black Friday!

Thank you Dreamers!

Mommy B

Mochi Teething Ring | People Toy Company | Baby & Mommy Review

Hello Dreamers!

We have been so lucky to review all these awesome products from People Toy Company. Today we did the Mochi Teething ring! This ring, I must say was pretty awesome. Different textures as well as janpanese made! (51% rice to be exact). Very strudy and perfect for that hard chewing. As babies teeth, I feel they need something more harder to naw on and this is perfect. This teether has held up pretty well too.

Make teething your newborn’s favorite activity with the Mochi Teething Ring. Easy to grasp and safe to chew, the Mochi Teething Ring is the ideal teething toy for fussy babies and environmentally conscious parent alike.


Mochi Teeething Ring:

Perfect For Teething Infants
Different bumps and ridges satisfy any newborns’ teething needs
100% safe – no harmful adhesives or paints used
Easy-to-hold ring stimulates and promotes hand dexterity
Made in Japan

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People Mochi Teething Ring

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So, I must say, I think Baby A is totally a People Toy fan haha Even my other two boys ask to play with people toys we have received haha.

Let me know how you like the review and if any of you have purchased and People products.

Keep on Dreaming!

Mommy B

100 Videos Mashup | Dream Team | Toys Mashup

Good Morning Dreamers!

We did it! We have made it to 100 videos! We started exactly three months ago! We have learned so much! Our first video was of LJ walking and now look at it! Haha.. It has def been a learning process, but so much fun! Even if we don’t make it far, I love it! I think I have found something I really enjoy doing.

Thank you for all of your support! Now on to 200 videos!! LOL

Love you all Dreamers!

Mommy B

🎺Multi-Sense Trumpet From People Toy Company

Hey Dreamer Teamers!

This toy was super cute!

Multi-Sense Trumpet From People Toy Company. As your baby’s development begins to ramp up, it’s important to stimulate their senses as much as possible. That’s why The Five Senses Trumpet was designed to help stimulate your baby’s eyes, ears, mouth, fingertips and hands. Whistles, pictures, fans, beads and teething ring allow your child to awaken their senses through play.

* Two-way whistle stimulates developing oral motor skills
* Beads rattle for added sound depth
* Cute, visually intriguing pictures rotate as the whistle is blown

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This little trumpet is made of sturdy plastic. Simple, but bright and colorful! Love the fast that its a whistle! Baby A isn’t quite there yet to blow on it, but I’m sure when he does he will love it! My 4 year old was loving it though lol!


I have loved doing reviews for this company. So far I have found their products to be made very well, bright colored and Baby A seems to be attracted to each one. We are hoping to review more in the future. So be sure to check them out, all of the social platforms are listed above.

A little more about us:

So, with having  two other boys, I really didn’t buy any new toys for Baby A.. We actually wasn’t expecting another one so soon.. with that said I was in the process of getting rid of all of my baby items, so reviewing these baby toys have been a real treat for Baby A, seeing that he mostly plays with the other two boys’ toys (Which are limited to mostly Thomas the train lol)


Well thanks again Dreamers for all the support.. Until tomorrow!

Mommy B

Miles From Tomorrow Land Duplo Lego Play Set

Hello Dreamers!

Miles from tomorrow land duplo lego play set! We bought this set at King Arthur’s Court Toys in Ohio. This was a super cute set, I was impressed at how thick the plastic was. LJ picked this set out, he LOVES Duplo Sets. He first has a Mickey Mouse set, then a Doc McStuffins, then finally this one.

You can order it here

This store was CRAZY AWESOME! We took a video of this store, so if you are ever in Ohio, YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT! My Sister watched my boys while Mommy B had a look around! TOO COOL!

Watch our Miles Duplo Lego video here


Above is a picture of Zieke playing with the train table at King Arthur’s Court Toys.

A little more about us:

As mentioned Zieke LOVES Thomas the train, Want to know what Mommy B loves? SHOPKINS! I have been taking trips to stores to buy these LOL.. They are too cute and I think I’m a little crazy over them!

Well until next time, Keep on dreaming..

Mommy B


People Toy Company Catch Me If You Can! Lion – Brain Builders

Hey Dreamers!

So this toy was super cute!

People Toy Company Catch Me If You Can! Lion – Brain Builders – Baby A LOVED this one! Super cute and works great on a smooth surface. Super portable too! Throw it in your diaper bag or purse.

We tried it on the carpet and it actually surprised me at how well it did. String doesn’t whip back in to fast, which is good, so it doesn’t hurt the child. Would totally give this toy an A+! This little lion has loops on the mane so you could attach smaller toys to it I suppose. Cute little tail and just all around super colorful and playful, Baby A was drawn to it right away.

8 Month: Pull the string. Chase the lion. Repeat. Your baby will have hours of fun as they crawl and chase the Catch Me If You Can! Lion. This self-sustaining game encourages mobility improvement through hours of fun, interactive play.

18 Month: Your baby will learn how to pull the drawstring on their own for independent play.

Lion will “run” many feet on smooth surfaces
Enriches important mobility and motor skills
Helps your baby learn to play independently

Order this today! Your baby will love it!

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A little more about us:

Baby A is super happy baby. He is actually my happiest, which is good, it would be hard to have a hard baby with having two others!


He loves his brothers, they make him laugh even when he is super upset and they are my go to when I cant console him 🙂

Til next time!

Dream on Dreamers!

Mommy B