Big Box From Boxy Girls! New Limited Edition dolls Stevie & Everly.

Dolls.. I loved dolls as a girl.. mostly Barbies .. which was pretty much all we had way back when! Ha! Now there are so many options, and these Boxy Girls are by far my favorite.

We were lucky enough to see these Boxy Girls in New York at Sweet Suite. We have since posted 2 videos on them. We were recently contacted by Boxy Girls about reviewing some new products! Oh MY Gosh, I was so tickled and felt honored that they asked.. oh and of course I said yes!

They are releasing a Big Box with two new limited edition full sized dolls: Stevie & Everly. This HUGE big box also comes with 28 boxes to unbox, so roughly 33 surprises!


Here is Brooklyn! The first Boxy Girl that we received! They are just super cute. I love the shapes of their faces, the way you open and unbox each item.. ah its just so super cute.

You can check out more about Brooklyn & the other surprise box we received from Boxy Girls in our video reviews:



So we opened up Stevie in our most recent video on the Boxy Girls! We did just one! So you will have to wait to see what the other Boxy Girl Everly looks like 😉

Just LOOK at Stevie:


Look at those green eyes! Eek! OH and they came with a little towel/robe wrapped around them. I LOVE this because you can create their own style. Just LOVE that idea.


Isn’t she the cutest?! Ah! I am soo in love with these dolls.. and those SHOES! I need a pair like that haha.. I so wish I had these as a little girl growing up!

We got so many surprises with Stevie! Watch our full review here:


Also check out Boxy Girls on Youtube! Here is their video on the new Big Box:

You can purchase the original dolls at Walmart or for around $15, they each come with 4 surprise shipping boxes. You can also purchase a surprise pack for $10 that comes with 6 surprise shipping boxes.

Surprises include: clothes, shoes, hair accessories, pretend makeup, purses, jewelry and more! These sure are some awesome fashionistas!

This Big Box will be released on September 23rd, 2018, not sure what it will retail for, but will add that information as soon as I find out.


– Boxy Mommy B 😉

Boxy Girls Minis! Unbox With New Small Boxy Girls! Fun Shipping Box Surprises

Yay! So we won a prize from Boxy Girls!

We received the same type of box when we first reviewed them, but it was a teaser box. THIS time is was the real thing and it’s sooo cute! Not sure if it’s been released yet, but here it is:


LOOK how cute she is! Love the clothes and shoes. They are super easy to dress, so that’s great for little hands.

This one looks like Brooklyn.. but I am not too sure.


Now these boxes are a lot small than the ones that come with the larger doll. They are JUST the right size for the smaller doll. I am assuming that these will retail for less, but it’s just a guess!

The little doll came in a longer box, and the smaller boxes were in some longer boxes as well and all of those came in the square box in the above picture.. so so cute!

You can check out our other post about the larger dolls here.


You can see the size comparison here. I LOVE the larger ones, but the smaller ones are super cute as well.

You can watch our crazy video here:


– Boxy Girl Mommy B

Boxy Girls! New fashionistas with Shipping surprise packs!

Talk about Cute! These dolls are the meaning of that!

We first seen these at Sweet Suite and I FELL IN LOVE! There are 4 girls that love to do online shopping. Each “shipping box” comes with surprises! There are clothes, shoes, stickers, makeup and more.

We were super lucky enough for Boxy Girls to send us a HUGE package!


Look at this huge package! It was so generous of them! I forgot to take a pick of the inside, but it came with super fun paper packing and the boxes were wrapped up in pink tissue paper. SUPER cute presentation!


These are the three dolls you can get. There is Brooklyn, Nami, Willa & Riley! Here is a picture of the actual dolls from their page on Instagram:


Eek! They are so adorable! I think I found new favorite toy! I love the colors and the faces and that the fact they all look different with different personality and likes!


We got Brookyln!! She is super cute. I noted the watermelon dress as soon as I opened in!

OH and I know this is probably just me, BUT they have a pull tab to open the main boxes! No scissors needed to cute the tape! lol I LOVED that feature, however, the small boxes you will probably need scissors.. If only that feature was on the small ones as well! Ha!


The surprise shipping packs are super cute, to bad you can’t see what it looks like in it! Darn camera!

They each come with fun colorsful paper packaging with a note and stickers in each! Oh so cute!


See the fun navy blue looking packaging?? Love!

The box to the far left was a teaser box! They had 4 long boxes in it that were empty. It said coming soon and something about a doll with surprises.. so maybe they are making a smaller type line of dolls? Not sure, but can’t wait!


Here is Brooklyn up close! She is just so cute. Her shoes were really easier to get off and on too which is nice for smaller hands. The shoes seemed more flexible, like a rubber almost.

You have to check them out:

Boxy Girls – Website

Boxy Girls – Instagram

We also posted this above picture on Instagram and used #unboxwithboxy and #boxygirls and won a product from them! YAY! Can’t wait to receive it.. and of course do another video on it!

– A very happy Mommy B