Maxx Bubbles – Mower & Blower!

It’s getting warm outside and I wanted to share some fun products to keep the kiddos busy and entertained! Easy to put together as well, which is a plus for us parents! haha!

Whether they are helping to mow the lawn or blow the leaves, Maxx Bubbles give kids a fun new take on traditional bubble play! Made with a non-toxic formula, Maxx Bubbles is a safe outdoor activity that will keep kids engaged for hours. 


Kids can now work just like mom or dad with the Bubble N Go Mower! The mower has mechanical gear sounds for more realistic play. Just fill the included bottle with bubble solution, push the mower and have fun with bubbles in seconds. Rugged tires keep the mower rolling along across rough terrain. No batteries required when ‘mowing’ the lawn! Available now at Walmart!

Help spruce up the yard using the Bubble N Go Leaf Blower! This adorable battery-operated toy leaf blower is a fun way to get kids up and moving. With its realistic design and mechanical sounds, it helps to promote pretend play and encourages kids to use their imagination. Just squeeze and hold the trigger to create continuous stream of bubbles. Available now on Amazon.


Peep chalk holders, Peep squishy, Jelly Belly Cherry scented bubble and Dollar Tree Easter Basket Stuffers!

Peeps! Not just something you eat anymore!

These are perfect for Easter! Bubbles and chalk! My kiddos LOVE these things.


This was such a fun basket that we put together.. Everything was a hit! The chalk though, was the favorite!

The other items were found at the Dollar Tree and everything work great! The blow up poppers though, you have to smack kinda hard.. but they were still fun!


Oh em gee.. this Peep Squishy.. LOVE.. let’s just say.. Mommy B kept this one for herself! Haha


We don’t have side walks.. so we used the next best thing.. the fence! Haha The boys had just as much fun!


Genius! These keep little hands from getting messy and breaking the chalk.

Little Kids makes these awesome Peep themed items and have more! Check out their products on Amazon. You can also find their Jelly Belly scented bubbles on Amazon as well!

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