#UpSideDownChallenge by Vango Toys

In the #UPSIDEDOWNCHALLENGE Game (by Vango Toys), players complete simple tasks, like writing your name, giving a high five or pouring water into a cup, all while your vision is flipped upsidedown using the game’s special goggles.

You can even make up your own challenges! This was a blast! We couldn’t stop laughing!

Orders yours today on Amazon!

100 Videos Mashup | Dream Team | Toys Mashup

Good Morning Dreamers!

We did it! We have made it to 100 videos! We started exactly three months ago! We have learned so much! Our first video was of LJ walking and now look at it! Haha.. It has def been a learning process, but so much fun! Even if we don’t make it far, I love it! I think I have found something I really enjoy doing.

Thank you for all of your support! Now on to 200 videos!! LOL

Love you all Dreamers!

Mommy B

🍬International Food Tasting Challenge Fun Kids Video

Hello Again Dreamers!

It’s another early morning here at the Stearman’s house hold! Baby A decided to wake up at 5am.. I hope this doesn’t last long!

This video was fun: International Food Tasting Challenge Fun Kids Video! Join the Dream Team as they taste foods from Japan! (We think!) Let us know which one you would like to try!

Watch it here

Zieke was super exited to do this one, as mentioned, he is getting into all of these challenges and just was a star in this one!


We randomly picked up some international food and thought this would be fun to film! We will totally be doing this again. I was so surprised at how zieke liked the gummies.. Lj likes just about anything lol

A little more about us:

Zieke has always been my picky eater, so when he liked 2 out of 3 of these I was surprised! LJ is my eater, I think he liked all three!

Well he’s to coffee!

Til next time Dreamers!

Mommy B


Good (Chilly) Morning Dreamers!

Wow, all three boys slept through the night so I am feeling like an actual human today lol

100 LAYERS of CLOTHES CHALLENGE by a KID! So, Zieke wanted to do a challenge and we choose this one! We plan to do more challenges soon! Will he make it to 100 layers???? Watch to find out!!

We pulled out 100 layers of clothing and laid them all in a pile! Spiderman, Thomas the train, Superman, Scooby Doo, Batman, Mickey Mouse and more!! Watch this super fun challenge and let us know what challenge you would like to see next!



The picture above cracks me up! lol Like mentioned, this is super simple and fun! If LJ was older we could have even had a race to see who could do it faster!

A little more about us:

Zieke had so much fun with these! He has been watching other channels do challenges and he is starting to want to do our own. So, I think this will be the first of many challenges!

Thanks for all of the support, hopefully these posts will get better in time!

Peace Dreamers!

Mommy B