FGTeev Announces New Toy Line! Bonkers Toys!

So my oldest son is OBSESSED with Funnel Vision/FGTeev/This whole family.. lol.. and we seen a sneak peak of these toys on their 10 Millions subs video:

My son FREAKED when he seen the toy line..it was like literally shown for like half a second.. haha.. anyways.. I just seen via Facebook that… wait for it… BONKERS TOYS is going to be creating this line!!!!!!!


Check it out here!!!  <——-

Bonkers will be revealing this all new line at the NYTF! Make sure to follow this blog for updates on this toy line! We will be attending the NYTF and will be reporting everything we can!

From the half a second screen shot in the video looks like all kinds of fun toys will be featured in the FGTeev line! Figures, collectibles, plush funnel boy and more… oh and I see bacon! Bahah

They just released these pictures:

FGTeeV Blind BagsFGTeeV Giant Mystery Pack


– Super excited, Mommy B


PAWtastic Paw Patrol Pop Up Garage and Ultimate Fire Truck from Spin Master!

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol be there on the double!

This song rings through my head a lot, especially here lately! Spin Master, YES SPIN MASTER, sent us this awesome PAWtastic set up..and AHH.. just look …!


My son was SOO excited about it! LOOK at this firetruck and LOOK at the pop up garage! The garage is soo fun, not sure how long it will last being that it’s cardboard, but so far so good!

The Ultimate Fire Truck is super huge. It comes with Marshall and a smaller vehicle that he can sit in. The fire truck has a pull out grabber, pull out hose and even a small ladder. It also has stabilizers on each side that pull out, just like a real fire truck! Makes sounds and has lights and even shoots out water balls (plastic ones) on two sides and the ladder on the very top extends out pretty far! You can fit 6 pups on this awesome truck.

We found some smaller pups at the dollar tree to use as a game in our video, so keep in mind those do not come with the fire truck.

The ultimate garage is cool, not only can Baby A fit under and in it, but the huge fire truck can be stored in there as well.


Aww.. and our Skye! ( Yes, her real name is Skye!) She was part of this video as well. She did soo good! She saved the day in our video 😉


Just the scale of this truck is amazing.


My son really does love this truck. So does my 4 and 5 year old!


The Ultimate Fire Truck retails for about $60 at Amazon and other stores. As for the pop up garage, I am not sure if this is something that’s going to be available for purchase. I sure hope so! If you are interested in knowing, comment below and I will get in touch with Spin Master to find out.

Check out more about the Ultimate Fire Truck here.

To see our full video review you can watch it here:

You can purchase this awesome set here.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Spin Master! We sure love pups around here 😉

– A PAWtastic Mommy B