Unicorn Sparkle Mattr – Mad Mattr By Relevant Play!

Create your own sparkling ✨ unicorn! This set comes with three colors, sparkle, mold and tool! This well keep your kiddos at bay for hours!

I LOVE Mad Mattr, it is one of our favorite playing compounds! You can purchase this awesome set on Amazon for around $15.

  • Relevant Play is the global manufacturer of Mad Mattr, the Unbelievable Dough You Build With!
  • Create a magical, sparkly Mad Mattr unicorn!
  • Includes a unicorn mold, glitter, safe cutting tool and 10 oz. of Mad Mattr (Blue, Pink, and White).
  • Cleans up easily and never dries out! Wheat, gluten, and casein free.
  • GUARANTEE AND WARRANTY: Relevant Play stands behind our products with a Guarantee/Warranty against manufacturer defects. We don’t sell through other Amazon resellers. If your purchase isn’t made through Relevant Play, we can’t guarantee the product is official merchandise. In regard to sales on Amazon.com, due to the increase of counterfeit products being sold, we’ll provide a manufacturer’s warranty only for products purchased from Relevant Play.


LOL Surprise Winter Disco Glitter Globe Dolls! Series 6

NEW SERIES! MGA just keeps it coming!

This new series is so fun! The Winter Disco LOL Series is LOL Surprise Series 6! Each LOL doll or pet comes with a snow globe to display your LOL dolls + pets!

So far we have opened just the doll, but will be reviewing the Lil’s and Pets soon!

These will be available at most large retailers soon! I’m assuming the price will be around the $10 mark.

Here is our first one we opened on our Instagram page.


And the other one we did on our YouTube channel!