Oosh Cotton Candy Cuties by Zuru! Scented fluffy slime!

Zuru! I love everything they make. Definitely one of my favorite toy companies!

They now have launched a line of fluffy slime with squishes inside! Oh my goodness, this fluffy slime is my favorite! I almost didn’t share it with my boys! Ha!


This one was lemon scented.. smelled so good! I just love the texture of this fully slime. The little squishes are soo cute too, probably some of the cutest I have seen. Love their eyes! ha!

Now the fluffy slime is a little messy, but not as bad as I thought! I was able to play around with it without having to clean my hands afterwards, so that was pretty darn awesome!

There are two sizes. The smaller ones run about $5 and the larger ones $10. You can find these at Walmart and on Amazon.

A fluffy Slimed, Mommy B